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“Splatoon 2” Official Art Released for Japan’s Upcoming Splatfest

Splatoon 2 has released promotional artwork for almost every Splatfest event so far, with Pearl and Marina promoting the side they’re fighting for, and now a new illustration has been released for Japan’s upcoming Splatfest: Agility vs. Endurance!

This Splatfest will begin for Japanese players starting on October 14 at 13:00 and will last until October 15 at 13:00. Meanwhile, North America is getting ready for a Halloween-themed Splatfest starting on Friday the 13th: Vampire vs. Werewolf! This event hasn’t received any special illustration at this time, but it might in the coming days. It sure would be cute to see!

UPDATE: The North American Splatfest has received its art! It’s super cute and has been added with the other illustrations after the break.

Check out Splatoon 2‘s previous Splatfest illustrations after the break!

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“Splatoon 2” Direct Reveals Game Updates, Features, and New Band “Off The Hook”

Nintendo aired their Splatoon 2 Direct earlier today and went in-depth on all sorts of fun features and updates this game will have. Some highlights include:

  • the ability to speed through Sheldon’s weapon descriptions
  • updates to main weapons, sub weapons, special weapons, and gear abilities
  • changes to the ranked battle system (players will receive a ranking for each game mode instead of a single overall rank)
  • SplatNet 2, a service available through the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app that provides schedules, game stats, communication, and more
  • new shop owners and venues to explore
  • the Squid Sister’s musical replacements: “Off The Hook”, a singing duo comprised of Marina (on the right) and Pearl (on the left)
  • and the Splatfest World Premiere on 7/15 from 3:00pm to 7:00pm PT. All Switch owners can download the Splatoon 2 demo and participate.

Splatoon 2 will be released to the Nintendo Switch on July 21.

You can check out the full Direct after the break!

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Press Release: VIZ Media Announces SPLATOON Manga Based On Hit Nintendo Video Game

Is that what I think it is? Why yes, I think it is! VIZ Media has announced a Splatoon manga, launching exclusively in print later this year! And just like the game, it’s for all ages. The manga follows four Inklings caught in a Splatoon Turf War, all inspired by the game.

You can check out the full press release below!

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Trailer and Visual Released for “Splatoon 2″‘s Single-Player Campaign

Nintendo’s latest Direct for their upcoming game ARMS included a new trailer and visual for Splatoon 2‘s single-player campaign: Hero Mode. The two and a half minute trailer shows the campaign’s opening scene with Marie and introduces some of the fun gameplay, and squid puns, you can experience in Hero Mode.

“Callie—of Squid Sisters fame—has gone missing and it’s up to you, with the help of Marie, to search for Callie and the Great Zapfish while battling against the Octarian army. Use different weapons in single-player mode to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies and take down towering bosses – weapons like the Roller, Slosher, Splatling, or the new Dualies.”

Splatoon 2 is set to release on July 21 at the retail price of $59.99.

Take a look at the video and visual after the break!

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Final Two “Squid Sisters Stories” Chapters Released

The final two chapters, 6 and 7, of Splatoon 2‘s “Squid Sisters Stories” have finally been updated to the official website! The introduction, prologue, and first chapter were previously released in April, and chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5 were released earlier in May.

For those unfamiliar, the stories follow Callie and Marie and their life after the final Splatfest of the first Splatoon game. This conclusion has finally answered what has become of Callie and why she is not seen in Splatoon 2, the game’s sequel.

You can find the chapters, along with their illustrations, after the break!

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