Introducing: Our Seasonal Anime Schedule

Desu Daily has come up with a replacement for our daily anime release posts. We’ll be posting seasonal anime release schedules instead!

We’ve rearranged some things and added a new tab up in the menu for the current season’s schedule. Now you can figure out what anime releases on which day along with a short description of each. Some series may switch around before they officially air for the first time, but the changes will be updated quickly.

We hope you’ll all find some use for it!

Desu Daily Podcast Episode #3

Good news, everyone! A new episode of the Desu Daily Podcast is out!

In this episode, Aaron, Croswynd, and Nicole are joined by none other than Fatal Ferret! We have a big ‘ol merch discussion, followed by our best guy 2016, and then our favorite fanservice anime. Now that’s a spicy episode!

Check out the podcast on the official Desu Daily YouTube Channel, or just check after the break. If you’d like new episodes of the podcast a week in advance, consider signing up for our Patreon! If you have any questions you’d like answered on the podcast, be sure to throw ’em in the comments, either on this post or on YouTube!

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Desu Daily Podcast Episode #2

It’s that time! A new episode of the Desu Daily Podcast has been publicly released!

In this episode, Aaron, Cros, and Nicole talk about anime video games, pit Your Name. vs. A Silent Voice, and take questions from the viewers.

You can check out the podcast on the official Desu Daily YouTube Channel, or check for this episode after the break. If you want new episodes a full week in advance, consider joining our Patreon! And as always, if you have any questions, throw ’em in the comments!

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Desu Daily Podcast Episode #1

We’ve been discussing it for a while, and it’s finally here! We’re pleased to announce the first episode of the official Desu Daily Podcast!

The Desu Daily Podcast will be a weekly podcast between us on the site and possibly some special guests! We talk about anime, manga, and generally anything related. Spend an hour with us and listen to the minds behind Desu Daily!

You can find the podcast posted here on the site, or on Desu Daily’s official YouTube channel. This first episode is going out to everyone, but in the future, our Patrons will have exclusive one-week access to it! So if you’re in the $5 tier or higher, you’ll get to listen to it before anyone else. Cool, right?

If you have any questions for us, be sure to ask them in the comments of this post or in the comments of the video! We’ll hit them up in a future Q&A session.

Check out our first episode after the break!

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Introducing the Desu Daily Newsletter!

Have you ever wanted to get your fill of Desu Daily content, but you just don’t find yourself on the site enough? Well never fear, you can now get all of our best content right to your inbox!

We’ve just launched the Desu Daily Newsletter, which you can find on the sidebar:


Right there next to all of our other social media stuff. Just punch in your e-mail and hit that button, and every Saturday you’ll get our hottest articles sent directly to you. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Desu Daily Comes to Patreon!


Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Gosh, I really love Desu Daily. I wish I had some way to show my supprt!” Well, fine viewer, that way is now open. Introducing Desu Daily’s patreon page!

We’ve been playing with the idea of opening a Patreon to help the site out, and since we knew EQD had one, we figured why not follow in their footsteps (hoofsteps?). So, we’ve made ourself a patreon page, complete with some perks for donating. They include things like:

  • Having your name on a special credits page!
  • A fancy role on our Discord server!
  • The ability to have a character of your choice on the banner!
  • A spot on the side bar to promote your own goodies!

It’s more than just a tip jar. It’s an advanced tip jar.

And best of all, if you can’t donate or don’t want to, nothing changes for you! Desu Daily will always be completely free to access and use. Patreon is more of a way of saying thanks and getting some goodies in return.

Check after the break for a few more details, and if you wanna see the page for yourself, click here!

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