Video: GR Anime Review: Kino’s Journey (2017)

Glass Reflection’s got a new review out of Kino’s Journey (2017). I can’t say I’m familiar with the series, but maybe you are, and maybe this review piques your interest!

Check it out after the break.

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Karmasutra | Visual Novel Meets RPG


Karmasutra is visual novel/RPG recently released by Top Hat Studios, Inc. The game adds some spice to the normal VN platform with D&D inspired RPG elements  in the mix. You play as a character recently awoken in a heavenly realm known as Tittva. This will test you and push you too the limits as you and other sinners seek to pass this challenge and enter Nirvana

With a unique turn based combat system, you can fight or flee to decide your fate. However be careful, with the tendency to have you opponents clothes rip apart in almost every battle, your encounters could all become rather interesting. On steam the game comes with a free uncensored patch available in the workshop. Bucking the trend of other developers attempting to charge more money for such updates.

Extended preview after the break. Slight sauce ahead

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Gamers! is so Frustratingly Entertaining

Gamers! made me want to strangle myself, but it was still dumb fun. I watched the first four episodes week to week and then binged the rest, and I gotta say binging was the better decision for an anime like this.

If you’d like to know why, and see my review for Gamers!, take a look below the break!

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Code Geass: Flawed But Entertaining

Code Geass does a lot right, but even this classic of the anime-sphere has one or two flaws. I enjoyed watching it, though, and it’s better than a lot of anime out there. I recommend checking it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

And after that, take a look below the break to check out my review!

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Manga First Impression | Girls Last Tour


What happens when the world is in ruin, but you don’t know how it got that way? Follow the adventure of these two girls as they try to survive a desolate wasteland. Follow them as they make discoveries and try to forge a living in this husk of a world. Soon however they might find they are not alone…

Video review of Girls Last Tour after the break.

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Video: Manga First Impression | Scums’s Wish


Lies, teenage drama, questionable decisions. Scum’s wish has it all, with each character dealing the a large mental load its unclear where they will all end up. And at the end of the day, they will all have to face the consequences of a scum’s wish.


Videos review after the break.

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Video: Manga First Impression | Kiss and White Lily for My Dearest Girl


Some yuri love stories are dramatic, some sweet, and still others a combination of the two. So far “Kiss and White Lily” covers several of these bases. With multiple yuri relationships on the horizon this series looks like it will have a little something for everyone. Be you a new fan to the yuri genera or a seasoned veteran.


Catch a short review of the first volume after the break.

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Video: Manga First Impression | Monster Girl Encyclopedia


The monster girl crazy has been running wild for quite some time, with no signs of slowing down. One particular manga publisher in North America has lept onto the monster girl band wagon. Releasing several highly successful and popular series revolving around the many different species of monster waifu’s. The ultimate release for any monster girl fan however has to be the release of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia. Teaming with information on almost every variant of monster imaginable, as well as wonderfully drawn illustrations.


Catch a short video review of the book and its contents after the break!

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