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New PV for “Kirakira☆Precure À La Mode”

A new 30-second promotional video has been released for the upcoming Kirakira☆Precure À La Mode anime! The video shows off each of the five new Precure wearing their magical girl costumes.

MyAnimeList describes the plot as:

“Ichika Usami is a second year middle school student who works in her family’s cafe, Kirakira Patisserie. One day, she meets a spoiled lamb fairy named Pekorin who tells her evil monsters known as “Henteko” have been stealing “Kirakiraru”, the energy that resides within sweets and desserts. Ichhika then becomes a pretty cure and, with four other girls, they form the Kirakira Precure a la Mode to fight the Henteko and protect the sweets.”

The series will begin airing on February 5.

Check out the promo after the break!

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New PV and Key Visual for “Precure Dream Stars!” Film

A new promotional video and key visual have been released for the Precure Dream Stars! crossover movie!

Precure Dream Stars! is the first crossover Precure film to feature all of the current girls from Go! Princess Precure, Mahoutsukai Precure, and the upcoming Kirakira☆Precure À La Mode anime. It will be the 22nd film in the Precure series.

The film begins playing on March 18.

You can find the pv and visual after the break!

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New Teaser for “Kirakira☆Precure À La Mode” Anime

Toei Animation has released some new content for Kirakira☆Precure À La Mode on their official website, including a short teaser and some visuals. The video briefly shows off the new magical girl cast along with the air date posted in the top right corner. This Precure series’ theme appears to be both animals and sweets.

The staff for this upcoming series:

Kirakira☆Precure À La Mode will begin airing on February 5, 2017.

You can find the video and visuals after the break!

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