Gamers! is so Frustratingly Entertaining

Gamers! made me want to strangle myself, but it was still dumb fun. I watched the first four episodes week to week and then binged the rest, and I gotta say binging was the better decision for an anime like this.

If you’d like to know why, and see my review for Gamers!, take a look below the break!

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Why You Should Maybe Be Watching: Gamers!

Bonjour, and welcome to another stirring edition of anime I think You Should Maybe Be Watching, an example of my endless ambivalence to the more lackluster shows of the season that still have gems of goodness hidden within. Tonight my guest is Gamers!, a series about a group of people who, surprise surprise, are gamers, each with their own reasons to play the medium we all know and love, though there is a romantic comedy element to the show, as well.

If that sounds like a fantastic time to you, or you’re one of the two people (hi mom!) who just love reading everything I write, take a look below the break!

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