Aqours’ “Happy Party Train” PV Released

The animated PV for Aqours’ new single, “Happy Party Train”, has been released! The song features all nine members of the group with Kanan Matsuura at the center.

The regular CD will feature 4 songs, “Happy Party Train”, “Sky Journey”, “Shoujo Ijou no Koi ga Shitai”, and “Happy Party Train (off vocal)”, as well as 3 drama pieces, “Danketsu! Watashitachi no Sabaibaru” (“Unite! Our Survival”), “Kaiki Mayonaka no Misuterii” (“Strange! Midnight Mystery”), and “Kiseki! Mirai e no Torejaa” (“Miracle! A Treasure to the Future”). The Blu-ray/DVD will feature the full animated PV and is priced at 3,000 yen before tax (about $26.18) for the Blu-Ray and 2,000 yen before tax (about $17.45) for the DVD.

The single will be released on April 5.

Check it out after the break!

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Lots of Love Live! Sunshine!!

As the first live show for Aqours draws to a close, we’ve gotten some exciting announcements. Firstly, the second season of Love Live! Sunshine!! will begin airing this fall. Second, is the Next Step Project!, which includes unit CDs, duo and trio songs, as well as more live shows. Along with that, Lantis released a PV for another Aqours song, “Taiyou o Oikakero!,” which will come with the last Blu-Ray of the first season.

Check out the videos below!

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Album Art for the Next Aqours Single Revealed

While still more than two months away, the album art for the new Aqours single, “Happy Party Train,” has been revealed. The center position is filled by Kanan Matsuura, who won a fan poll a few months back. The single will release on April 5th, according to Love Live! Wiki and will come as both a CD or DVD/Blu-Ray option, as normal. 

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Lantis Releases PV for New Aqours Single

LLSS S1 BD Vol 6 FrontLLSS S1 BD Vol 6 Back

Another Blu-Ray release, another song. The next Aqours song, “Thrilling One Way” had  PV dropped today by Lantis’s YouTube channel. The song will be released on February 24th. Another song, “G Senjou no Cinderella,” performed only by the third years of the group, is also slated to come out a week from today.

Check out the PVs for both below!

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Lantis Releases PV for Next Aqours Single

As we rush ever closer to the Holiday season, Lantis has dropped the PV for the next Aqours single, “Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai”/”Seinaru Hi no Inori” ,which happens to be the first Love Live: School Idol Festival collab single for the group. The single will be released this coming Wednesday, November 23rd. 

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