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“Action Heroine Cheer Fruits” Original TV Anime Announced

Action Heroine Cheer Fruits, an original television anime project, has been announced earlier today! An official website for the anime has been launched, and a promotional video, key visual, and cast member list have been released alongside this announcement.

M・A・O, Rie Murakawa, Miku Itou, Yuuki Hirose, Haruka Ishida, Erii Yamazaki, and Moe Toyota will be participating in this project as the voice cast.

MyAnimeList describes the synopsis below:

“Support the city!” The setting takes place in a peaceful area for fruit production. Since the city is losing its vibrancy, the local girls became the city’s heroines! This is the story of the youth and their struggles in making the city’s excitement back again.

Check out the promotional video and key visual after the break!

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1/22/17 Anime Releases

One Punch Man was good, so that has to mean Mob Psycho 100 is also good, right? That sounds like an anime rule.

4:00am – Mobile Suit GUNDAM Iron Blooded Orphans – Episode 39
11:30am – Idol Incidents – Episodes 2, 3
12:00pm – elDLIVE – Episode 2, 3
12:30pm – Nyanko Days – Episodes 2, 3
2:15pm – Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories – Episodes 1-3, 4
2:35pm – Gintama Season 4 – Episodes 318, 319

9:30am – Tales of Zestiria the X – Episodes 13, 14, 15 
9:30pm – Monster Hunter Stories Ride On – Episode 13
10:00pm – Drifters – Episode 12
10:30pm – Mob Psycho 100 – Episode 7

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New PV and Key Visual for “Yuuki Yuuna -Washio Sumi no Sho-” Film 1

A promotional video and key visual have been released for the upcoming prequel film series for Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru (Yuki Yuna is a Hero)! The video specifically covers the first film in the Yuuki Yuuna -Washio Sumi no Sho- trilogy. The films were previously announced earlier last year.

MyAnimeList describes the synopsis of the film series below:

“In the year 298 from the era of the gods, elementary school girls Sumi Washio, Sonoko Nogi, and Gin Minowa are tasked with an important mission. They are to become heroes and fight Vertex, a mysterious enemy that is attacking Shinju-sama, the god tree that protects Shikoku, the only area in the world that is still habitable. What they don’t know, is that this fight will cost them more than they could have ever imagined.”

Film 1 will open in theaters on March 18, and season 2 of Yuuki Yuuna will begin in October 2017.

The video and visual are after the break!

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Anime Rewatch #3 Results!

And just like that, we have our next Anime Rewatch! Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! (Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!) barely edged out against Spice and Wolf with 11 votes.

You can stream Chuunibyou on Crunchyroll or Hulu (with an account). Otherwise, rush order yourself some good ol fashioned DVDs. Get ready for tomorrow, the 21st, when we start!


New PV for “Genocidal Organ” Anime Film

A new promotional video has been released for the upcoming Genocidal Organ anime film adaptation.

Genocidal Organ was the debut novel for Project Itoh, a Japanese science fiction writer. The novel was originally published in 2007 and the English translation was published by VIZ Media in August 2012. This novel is one of three of Project Itoh’s works to be getting an anime film adaptation. Harmony had its film released in November 2015 and The Empire of Corpses film was released in October 2015. All three films feature theme songs performed by EGOIST.

VIZ Media describes the synopsis below:

“The war on terror exploded, literally, the day Sarajevo was destroyed by a homemade nuclear device. The leading democracies transformed into total surveillance states, and the developing world has drowned under a wave of genocides. The mysterious American John Paul seems to be behind the collapse of the world system, and it’s up to intelligence agent Clavis Shepherd to track John Paul across the wreckage of civilizations and to find the true heart of darkness—a genocidal organ.”

The film will open in theaters on February 3.

You can find the video after the break! Warning: It’s very violent.

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PV Released for “NEKOPARA” OVA

The first promotional video has been released for the NEKOPARA OVA!

The video previews the theme song, “Baby”, by Lady LOVE, and shows off the six adorable catgirls, along with Minaduki Kashou (the main protagonist) and Minaduki Shigure. This OVA will cover the storyline of the Vol. 1 visual novel with some new original elements added in. Sekai Project describes the story of Vol. 1 below:

“What’s NEKOPARA? Why, it’s a cat paradise! Kashou Minaduki, the son of a long line of
Japanese confection makers moved out to open his own shop “La Soleil” as a patisserie. But
upon moving out, hidden amongst his things were two of the catgirls, Chocola and Vanilla, that
the family had been raising. When he tried to send them back, they begged and pleaded until he
gave in and now they’ve opened La Soleil together. With two catgirls who really, REALLY love
their master trying their very best and occasionally failing — a heartful comedy opens for business!”

More information on this project can be found on the official OVA website.

Check out the video after the break!

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More Additions to “Hero Academia” Season 2 Cast

The character designs and casting for two more class 1-B students have been revealed!

Ibara Shiozaki (left) will be voiced by Miho Masaka and Neito Monoma (right) will be voiced by Kouhei Amasaki. The designs and casting for Mei Hatsune, Itsuka Kendou, and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu were previously announced earlier this month.

Season 2 will begin airing in April 2017.

1/20/17 Anime Releases

Here’s a happy anime girl to start your day.

8:30am – Forest Fairy Five – Episodes 2, 3
10:30am – Saga of Tanya the Evil – Episodes 2, 3
11:00am – Fuuka – Episodes 3, 4
12:00pm – Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club – Episode 2, 3
12:30pm – Schoolgirl Strikers – Episodes 2, 3
1:30pm – Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga – Episode 3
3:45pm – Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju – Episodes 2, 3
1:30pm – Future Card Buddyfight Triple D – Episode 41
8:00pm – Bono Bono – Episodes 40, 41


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1/19/17 Anime Releases

Japan and their crazy spinoff series.

5:55am – Naruto Shippuden – Episodes 489, 490
11:00am – Masamune-kun’s Revenge – Episodes 2, 3
11:30am – Marginal #4 The Animation – Episodes 1, 2
11:40am – Koro Sensei Quest! – Episodes 4, 5
12:00pm – Super Lovers 2 – Episodes 1, 2
12:30pm – ALL OUT!! – Episode 14, 15
8:00pm – Kuroko’s  Basketball 3 – Episode 75.5

9:00pm – Show By Rock!! (Dub) – Episode 36
9:30pm – Touken Ranbu – Hanamaru (DUB) – Episode 12
10:00pm – Trickster (Dub) – Episode 12

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