We’re still a crew. That hasn’t really changed. I was thinking that maybe “guild” would work too, but that’s more the site and community as a whole and not just the staff… maybe a royal guard of sorts? Who knows. Either way, this is the group of people that work behind the scenes and keep Desu Daily running smoothly*!

Check below to find out more about our lovely team.

Aaron / The True Cage / Will Never Watch Enough Anime

Position: Owner

Aaron’s Twitter / Anime-Planet

Bio: Originally tricked into slaving as a pre-reader for Seth on Equestria Daily, Aaron broke free of his bonds and went on to become… administrator of another website for Seth. An upgrade? Perhaps. Now, he spends his days toiling in front of hours and hours of anime, absorbing it via osmosis as part of his master plan to ascend into being true anime. Until that day comes, he’ll be here posting things.

Favorites: Anohana, One Punch Man, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Fate series, Welcome to the NHK!


Emberz / The Anime Man But Not THAT Anime Man

Position: Discord Moderator

Emberz’s Anime-Planet

Bio: I watch a lot of anime as my list can show, and while early on most of the series I watched were Shounen series like Naruto, Bleach, and Dragon Ball Z I eventually branched out to series with much better story telling, in my opinion that is. I like to try out series from nearly every genre and will give any series the piques my interest atleast 3 episode. While my opinions on some series may not be popular I will always stand behind them.

Favorites: Yu Yu Hakusho


FatalFerret / Mangalord / Probably A Bunch of Ferrets In A Human Suit

Position: Manga/Figure Reviewer

FatalFerret’s Youtube / Twitter / Anime-Planet

Bio: Heyya everyone, your resident anime loving ferret checking in. I don’t need to tell you my life story because chances are you all already know it. I’m an introverted weeb that spends all my time playing video games and wondering why I don’t have any real friends. Then I remember that I’m an anti social hermit and I’ve got all my lovely internet pals to keep me company instead. I’m huge into manga and have massive collection that also includes anime and figures. I started a YouTube channel called FatalFerret that I still run today for manga reviews, visual novel lets plays, and lots of unboxings. That eventually led to me meeting Alex and the rest of the Desu Daily crew and becoming apart of the team.

Favorites: Code Geass, FMA Brotherhood, Haganai, Toradora, Panty and Stocking


Nicole / Actually A Maiden / Half Snake

Position: Blogmaiden, Social Media Manager, Artist

Nicole’s Twitter / Anime-Planet

Bio: I’m a pretty average girl. I eat. I sleep. I procrastinate. I listen to Roundabout on repeat in the shower. I could potentially be known for tearing up when I see birds. I will admit that I definitely tear up when I see anime boys being nice to pure anime girls (Kimi ni Todoke, A Silent Voice, Erased, etc).

To make things less awkward, lemme tell you one of my shameful secrets. I’m not going to make it that easy for you though, so I will tell you three things. Two of these are fake, and one is real: 1) One time I got so scared during hide and seek that I peed myself. 2) One time I ate half a sandwich before realizing I left the cheese wrapper on. 3) One time I accidentally called myself “Nipple” instead of “Nicole”. (WHICH IS REAL AND WHICH ARE FAKE?? Only one person knows and don’t you dare ask him.)

I also draw some art for Desu Daily, so be on the lookout for that! (If you’ve scrolled down far enough to read this, then you can probably see one of my drawings right there on the side.)

pls don’t bully me

Favorites: Little Witch Academia, Boku no Hero Academia, Kobato, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Howl’s Moving Castle, Konosuba, Snow White with the Red Hair, Kimi ni Todoke


AngelSassin / The New Guy

Position: Discord Moderator

AngelSassin’s Youtube / Twitter / MAL

Bio: Musician. Mathematician. Programmer. Just some guy who likes anime, perhaps a little bit too much. Despite what I say my favorite anime is, I watch a crap-ton of slice of life anime, which will probably ruin me in the near future. The wackiest nutcase. Pure as an angel. Sassy as an anonymous user.

Favorites: Trigun, Gakkou Gurashi, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Steins;Gate, Nichijou


*smoothness not guaranteed