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New Key Visual for “Juuni Taisen” TV Anime Adaptation

A key visual for the Juuni Taisen TV anime adaptation has been released. Juuni Taisen, also known as Juuni Taisen: Zodiac War, is a completed light novel series with only one volume by author Nisio Isin, well-known for writing the Monogatari series and Medaka Box.

The series’ synopsis is listed as:

“Rampage. Weep. Kill. Every 12 years, the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac take the form of warriors and engage in the ultimate battle royal. They face one another in battles to the death, using all the powers of their star signs, and the sole survivor is granted the ultimate prize—a wish. Any wish.”

Juuni Taisen will begin airing on October 3.

Two New Hero Introduction PVs Released for “Fire Emblem Warriors”

Koei Tecmo released two new hero introduction videos for Fire Emblem Warriors to its Youtube channel! The first video was released last week and featured Chrom, male Robin, Cordelia, Frederick, Lucina, female Robin, and Lissa, showing off a few of their skills and attacks. The two latest videos feature Xander, Camilla, Leo, Elise, female Corrin, Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi, Sakura, and male Corrin, and give a quick preview of each of their fighting styles.

Fire Emblem Warriors will release in Japan to the Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS on September 28. The game will release in North American regions on October 20 to the Nintendo Switch.

Find all three videos after the break!

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Staff For “Uma Musume – Pretty Derby” Anime Listed

Image result for uma musume

Staff information about the anime for the “Uma Musume” multimedia project by Cygames, TOHO animation, and Lantis has been announced. It’s already been given that P.A. Works is producing the animation, but now we have the people leading the anime’s production!

Director: Kei Oikawa (Outbreak Company, This Art Club Has a Problem!)
Character designer/Animation Director: Yosuke Kabashima (D.Gray-man Hallow, Lord Marksman and Vanadis)
Series Composition: Akihiro Ishihara (Cygames), Sugiura Masafumi

Stay tuned for more news about the multimedia project, and be prepared for its release in 2018!

New PV Released for “Black Clover” TV Anime Adaptation

The Black Clover television anime adaptation has received a new promotional video! The video previews some of the anime’s soundtrack as well as the opening theme, “Haruka Mirai”, performed by Kankaku Piero. Itowokashi will be performing the ending theme song, titled “Blue Flame” (“Aoi Honoo”).

The series’ manga was first published in Weekly Shounen Jump in February 2015 by Yuuki Tabata. VIZ Media includes Black Clover in its simulpub service where it releases digital Shonen Jump issues in English for a subscription fee of $0.54 an issue ($25.99 a year) or a one time payment of $0.99 for a single issue.

VIZ Media describes the series’ synopsis as:

“Young Asta was born with no magic ability in a world where magic is everything. In order to prove his strength and keep a promise with his friend, Asta dreams of becoming the greatest mage in the land, the Wizard King!”

Black Clover will begin airing on October 3.

The video is below the cut!

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Steam’s Daily Deal: STEINS;GATE at 50% Off!

Steam’s Daily Deal is the visual novel Steins;Gate at $17.49, 50% off!

The Steam release for the visual novel by 5pb. and Nitroplus is on sale for today. For those unfamiliar, the synopsis for the story of Steins;Gate is below:

STEINS;GATE follows a rag-tag band of tech-savvy young students who discover the means of changing the past via mail, using a modified microwave. Their experiments into how far they can go with their discovery begin to spiral out of control as they become entangled in a conspiracy surrounding SERN, the organisation behind the Large Hadron Collider, and John Titor who claims to be from a dystopian future.

Interaction with the game takes place through the “phone trigger” system, where the player can receive calls and text messages and decide whether to reply to them or not, changing the outcome of the game’s plot.

Go get your copy of one of the highest rated visual novels now!

Newtype Character Ranking for October 2017

Newtype Magazine’s monthly top ten character ranking has been released for October 2017!

The male characters who made it into the top 5 are Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass), Kirito (Sword Art Online), Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass), Koyomi Araragi (Monogatari Series), and Archer (Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works). The female characters who made it into their top 5 are Saber (Fate/Stay Night), C.C. (Code Geass), Asuna (Sword Art Online), Jeanne d’Arc (Fate/Apocrypha), and Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan).

You can find the full translated lists of ten after the break!

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Jaden Smith Stars in Netflix’s New Original Anime “Neo Yokio”

Netflix has just released a trailer for their new original anime series titled Neo Yokio. Neo Yokio follows the story of the wealthy purple-haired protagonist, Kaz Kaan, discovering his supernatural powers and battling strange creatures in his upper-class city dubbed “the greatest in the world”.

“Wealthy bachelor? Absolutely. Elegant man about town? Of course. Sworn demon slayer of Neo Yokio? Sigh… if he must.

Joined by his faithful mecha-manservant, Kaz Kaan pursues love, fashion, and supernatural forces amid Neo Yokio’s sinister high society.”

The series was created by Ezra Koenig and stars the voice talents of Jaden Smith, Jude Law, Susan Sarandon, Steve Buscemi, Jason Schwartzman, Tavi Gevinson, and the comedy duo Desus & Mero.

Neo Yokio will premiere on Netflix services on September 22.

Watch the trailer below the cut!

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New Merchandise for “Naruto Shippuden”, “Detective Conan”, “No Game No Life -Zero-“, and “Shining Beach Heroines”

New merchandise has been added to Good Smile Company’s shop!

An Itachi Uchiha Nendoroid (Naruto Shippuden), a Heiji Hattori Nendoroid (Detective Conan), a 1/7th scale Schwi figurine (No Game No Life -Zero-), a 1/12th scale Sonia Blanche figurine (Shining Beach Heroines), a 1/12th scale Rinna Mayfield figurine (Shining Beach Heroines), and a 1/12th scale Excela Noa Aura figurine (Shining Beach Heroines) are available to preorder now.

You can find more pictures and information after the break!

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Winning Design for Snow Miku 2018

Magical Mirai 2017 has come and gone and the winning design for Snow Miku 2018 has been chosen! The voting period was closed back in May and the winner was announced at the start of the event on September 1.

This winning design will be used to create the official Snow Miku 2018 Nendoroid, figma, tram decorations, and more!

A more in-depth look at the winning costume can be found after the break along with the other design finalists!

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New “Himouto! Umaru-chan R” PV Released Featuring Sylphinford Tachibana

Another short Himouto! Umaru-chan R character PV has been released and this time it’s for Sylphinford Tachibana! Promotional videos featuring Umaru Doma, Nana Ebina, and Kirie Motoba were released last month.

The series’ synopsis is listed below:

“People are not always who they appear to be, as is the case with Umaru Doma, the perfect high school girl—that is, until she gets home! Once the front door closes, the real fun begins. When she dons her hamster hoodie, she transforms from a refined, over-achieving student into a lazy, junk food-eating otaku, leaving all the housework to her responsible older brother Taihei. Whether she’s hanging out with her friends Nana Ebina and Kirie Motoba, or competing with her self-proclaimed “rival” Sylphinford Tachibana, Umaru knows how to kick back and have some fun!

Himouto! Umaru-chan is a cute story that follows the daily adventures of Umaru and Taihei, as they take care of—and put up with—each other the best they can, as well as the unbreakable bonds between friends and siblings.”

Himouto! Umaru-chan R, the series’ second season, will begin airing this October.

You can find Sylphinford Tachibana’s video, as well as the three previously released videos, after the break!

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