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Manga First Impression | Girls Last Tour


What happens when the world is in ruin, but you don’t know how it got that way? Follow the adventure of these two girls as they try to survive a desolate wasteland. Follow them as they make discoveries and try to forge a living in this husk of a world. Soon however they might find they are not alone…

Video review of Girls Last Tour after the break.

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Poll Results: Best Anime Dad

I don’t think anyone was surprised by these results. According to your votes, the best anime dad is Maes Hughes from the Fullmetal Alchemist series! A well-deserved win.

Our next poll will be a little more general. Get ready to vote for: Favorite Anime Genre!

There are tons of popular genres out there, from slice of life and romance to horror and ecchi. Head on over to the sidebar and pick your fave! If you don’t have a fave, just pick one you like a lot.

Check out the full results from the previous poll after the break!

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Video: Monster Musume Limited Edition Unboxing | Very Lewd Box Set

Sentai Filmworks has released a uh… very interesting box set for there special edition release of the hit series Monster Musume. This release was so successful that it was sold out before the first pre-orders even shipped. Sentai is already in the process of making a second printing of the popular monster girl anime. You can check it out here.


Unboxing video after the break

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