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“Hinamatsuri” Anime Adaptation Receives Key Visual and Staff List

The official website for the Hinamatsuri anime adaptation has been updated with a key visual and staff list.

The story follows Yoshifumi Nitta, a member of the yakuza, and his encounter with a young girl named Hina. She possesses powerful supernatural abilities that must be used in order to keep her from losing control. The two end up living together and her powers become quite useful for Nitta as a yakuza member.

Hinamatsuri will begin airing in April 2018.

The full-sized visual and anime staff list can be found after the break!

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“Plus-Sized Elf” Manga Gets Licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment

Seven Seas Entertainment has announced its North American licensing plans for the Plus-Sized Elf (Elf-san wa Yaserarenai.) manga series!

The fantasy comedy has only been publishing in Japan since December of last year and has already gained a ton of popularity. The story follows an elf girl who struggles with both her diet and love of french fries. Seven Seas describes the synopsis below:

“Naoe-kun, a massage therapist, is about to head home for the day when he’s saddled with a rather strange patient. This lovely lady has emerald eyes, pointy ears, and grew up in the forest–everything about her screams “elf,” except for one thing: her bodacious body. It turns out she left her world but loves junk food in this one, and now her obsession has caught up with her. Can Naoe-kun help this loveable elf girl lose the weight–and keep it off?”

Plus-Sized Elf will be published in single volume editions with the first to be released on October 9, 2018 for $12.99 in the US and $15.99 in Canada.


4th “Blazblue Cross Tag Battle” Character Trailer Introduces Gordeau, Yukiko Amagi, and Azrael

Arc System Works has released its fourth character introduction trailer for the upcoming crossover tag-team fighting game Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. Gordeau (UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH), Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4 Arena), and Azrael (Blazblue) have now been officially announced as playable characters!

The previously announced playable characters include: Ragna the Bloodedge, Rachel Alucard, Hazama, Noel Vermillion, Jin Kisaragi (BlazBlue), Yosuke Hanamura, Yu Narukami, Chie Satonaka (Persona 4 Arena), Hyde, Linne, Waldstein (UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH), Ruby Rose, and Weiss Schnee (RWBY). This bumps the current roster of playable characters up to sixteen!

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is scheduled for release sometime in 2018 to the PS4, Steam (PC), and the Nintendo Switch. More character announcements are still expected.

Check out the newest trailer below the cut!

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Hiromi Tsuru, Bulma’s Voice Actress, Has Passed Away

Hiromi Tsuru, most well-known for her voice acting role of Bulma (Dragon Ball series), has passed away at the age of 57.

Sources have stated that she was found unconscious in her car with her seatbelt fastened and was pronounced dead at the hospital before she could receive medical treatment. Her cause of death is currently unknown and no evidence of a car accident were discovered.

Hiromi Tsuru has voiced characters from Ranma 1/2 (Ukyo Kuonji), Trigun (Meryl Stryfe), Saint Seiya (Thetis and June), Perrine Monogatari (Perrine Paindavoine), and many others. She also voiced Bra, Pudding, baby Trunks, and other supporting characters in addition to her role as Bulma in the Dragon Ball series.

The police are currently investigating her cause of death and more information will be released as it is found.

UPDATE: Hiromi Tsuru’s cause of death was due to an aortic dissection that occurred while she was driving.


Poll Results: Best Spooktober Anime?

And the winner of our best Spooktober anime poll is… Little Witch Academia! Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Soul Eater follow close behind in second and third place with 13.5% and 12.1% of the votes.

Our next poll will be waaay more general. Head on over to the sidebar and pick the things that you enjoy! Anime, manga, video games, light novels, and more. You can choose up to three.

You can find the full results of the previous poll after the break!

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