Cosplay Spotlight #13

And we’re back with regularly scheduled Cosplay Spotlights. Did you miss them?

More cosplay after the break!

[1] Source

Nier Automata – 2B by Calssara

[2] Source

STONE OCEAN GALS – JJBA by Mostflogged

[3] Source

Gwendolyn Cosplay by aishicosplay

[4] Source

Fighting For The Future – Dragon Ball Z Cosplay by cosplayminney

[5] Source

Star guardian Janna cosplay by StellaCosplay2017

[6] Source

Erza Scarlet Cosplay – Nakagami Armor by YuukoScarlet

[7] Source

Hoshimiya Ichigo ~ by LordSchiffer

[8] Source

Tokyo Ghoul – Juuzou Suzuya Cosplay #07 by Maja1808

[9] Source

Guilty Crown – Ouma Mana by SuzuCos

[10] Source

Sailor Pluto by Stealthos-Aurion

[11] Source

Wolf’s Rain – Kiba… by Molza

[12] Source

Lamento Beyond The Void: Konoe by Smexy-Boy

[13] Source

Cowboy Bebop – Spike and Faye by Galactic-Reptile

[14] Source

Nico Robin Cosplay Alabasta by NicoRobin93

[15] Source

Nier: Automata 9S and 2B by Bykiiiing

[16] Source

Saori Kido by annieseixascos

[17] Source

Chocola From Vanilla e Chocola by MarinyanCosplay

[18] Source

Kotori Police Version by Rekki-Chan

[19] Source

Magi – Yamraiha by SuzuCos

[20] Source

A Boy and his Chirithy – Ventus @ Lucca 2017 by BeaterNightFury

[21] Source

Inori 6 by V-kony

[22] Source

Bridge by night by Shiori-Lynn

[23] Source

Usagi by Chastten

[24] Source

Vash The Stampede by alsquall

[25] Source

Lena from Everlasting Summer by Brounovskoe

[26] Source

Everlasing Summer pioneers group photo by Brounovskoe

[27] Source

Linkle by Medowsweet

[28] Source

Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! – Satone Shichimiya by SuzuCos

[29] Source

Always Ready to Battle by ShintaOni

[30] Source

Sleepy Ash – Servamp by Kage1988

[31] Source

Tsurumaru Touken Ranbu by vishnphoto

[32] Source

Youmacon – Star Guardian IX by MeganCoffey

[33] Source

Mahou Tsukai No Yome – Elias and Chise by Wihelmi

[34] Source

Arturia Pendragon (Fate/Stay Night) by Kimy Cosplay

[35] Source

Victorique by Volhime