“Splatoon 2” Official Art Released for Japan’s Upcoming Splatfest

Splatoon 2 has released promotional artwork for almost every Splatfest event so far, with Pearl and Marina promoting the side they’re fighting for, and now a new illustration has been released for Japan’s upcoming Splatfest: Agility vs. Endurance!

This Splatfest will begin for Japanese players starting on October 14 at 13:00 and will last until October 15 at 13:00. Meanwhile, North America is getting ready for a Halloween-themed Splatfest starting on Friday the 13th: Vampire vs. Werewolf! This event hasn’t received any special illustration at this time, but it might in the coming days. It sure would be cute to see!

UPDATE: The North American Splatfest has received its art! It’s super cute and has been added with the other illustrations after the break.

Check out Splatoon 2‘s previous Splatfest illustrations after the break!

Official Illustration for North America’s upcoming Halloween Splatfest (Vampire vs. Werewolf):

Official Illustration for Europe’s newly ended Splatfest (Front Roll vs. Back Roll):

Official Illustration for Japan’s McDonald’s-sponsored Splatfest (Fries vs. McNuggets):

Official Illustration for North America/Europe’s Splatfest (Flight vs. Invisibility):

Official Illustration for the first Global Splatfest (Mayo vs. Ketchup):

Official Illustrations for Japan’s first Splatfest (Rock vs. Pop):