Key Visual Released for “Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time” Bonus Game

The official Little Witch Academia Twitter has released a key visual for Mahou Senshi Grand Chariot, a bonus game that comes with the preordered version of Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time for the PS4!

“Grand Chariot, that made an impressive appearance in episode 18 of the anime, has turned into a special game, “Mahou Senshi Grand Chariot”!”

The product code for the game is among many other exciting bonuses for Chamber of Time. The limited edition version of the game includes a drama CD, special artbook, blu-ray disc full of extra content, exclusive Chariot card, and a storage box illustrated by TRIGGER.

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time will be released to the Playstation 4 in Japan on November 30. The game is expected to reach Western players in early 2018 and will be playable through the Playstation 4 or Steam (PC).

Find the full-sized visual after the break!

Link to full-sized image