Funimation to be Acquired by Sony

Today it was announced that Funimation would be acquired by Sony Pictures Television Networks.

In a blog post, Funimation announced that it agreed to sell a majority stake to Sony Pictures Television Networks (SPTN). An update was posted that confirmed the deal had closed, and added to the blog post is an FAQ related to how Funimation and it’s services will be affected by the deal.

According to the FAQ, Funimation states that they “will maintain control of the operational pieces of dubbing, distribution and pricing of our anime” and “Sony can help us be more efficient and get anime to more people around the world across devices and countries.” Also, no changes are to be made to Funimation’s team, product and service pricing/placement, or existing partnerships with services like Crunchyroll and VRV. It seems the only changes that the partnership will bring are Funimations services, like FunimationNow, will be launched in more countries and territories.

Is this a good thing for Funimation? Maybe! If anything, they should be able to distribute to a wide audience and be able to acquire more licenses with Sony’s backing.

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