PV Released for “Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On” Game

SEGA and Dengeki Bunko are collaborating on a video game adaptation of Toaru Majustu no Virtual-On, a crossover light novel between the Toaru series and the arcade game series of Dennou Senki Virtual On.

This promotional video previews some of the mecha battling and gameplay. Misaka Mikoto, Shirai Kuroko, Accelerator, Shokuhou Misaki, Kamijou Touma, and Index are confirmed as playable characters with their own unique fighting machines.

Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On will be released to the PS4 and PS Vita on February 15, 2018 in Japan. Regular and limited edition versions are available for each platform. The regular PS4 version is priced at 7,990 yen (about $71.65) before tax and the limited edition is 12,490 yen (about $112.00) before tax. The regular PS Vita version is 6,990 yen (about $62.68) before tax, while the limited edition version is 10,990 yen (about $98.55) before tax.

Find the trailer after the break!

The limited edition PS4 version comes with:

  • “Chronicle 20” booklet
  • Original Soundtrack CD: “Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Official Sound Data 18”
  • the Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On game

The limited edition PS Vita version comes with:

  • Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On booklet
  • Drama CD
  • the Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On game