Why You Should Be Watching: Aho Girl & Tsurezure Children

Konnichiwa, minna-san! It’s time for your favorite moment of the week: that glorious day when I reveal to you exactly what you should and should not be watching this currently airing anime season. This week’s contestants are two short-form shows, Aho Girl and Tsurezure Children, as a celebration of my video finally returning from the depths of content ID Hell!

That’s right, if you’ve seen my video previously, and why wouldn’t you, because it’s funny as all get out, this won’t be new to you. But if you haven’t, sit down, strap in, and take a look below the break to check out the text and video versions of Why You Should Be Watching: Aho Girl & Tsurezure Children!

What I’ve Seen: Episodes 1-6

If you’re one of those poor, pathetic, scum of the earth maniacs who think anime is way too long at a whole twenty three minutes, then you might find this video very interesting. Short form anime have been in kind of a renaissance these past few years, and while I’m sure there were others prior to it, I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying was the first one I watched and enjoyed every week. Now, continuing the trend of great short-form shows are the funniest and most romantic shows this season: Aho Girl and Tsurezure Children, respectively, though there is a mix of both elements in each show to some extent.

Now to start off, let’s talk a little bit about Aho Girl. This is a show that is entirely jokes every minute of it screentime, and while the situations the main character gets herself into are rote and boring if you’d just look at the script, the way Aoi Yuuki gets the lines across make it work in a way that reminds me why I love Konosuba’s cast so much: the extremely expressive screeches and over exaggerated screams.

There’s a lot to be said for subtlety in some shows, but in a comedy like this where the jokes begin and end sometimes in less than a minute, blowing your load at the highest calibre is important when diving into dumb situations well below the stupid line so that they wrap all the way around to become funny once again. Aho Girl accomplishes this by having the butt of most jokes be the main character, Yoshiko. Whenever she does something outlandish, the result is almost always her being punished by her best friend and straight man A-kun, often with extreme violence that seems to be only okay because Yoshiko dumped stats into constitution at the cost of her intelligence.

The rest of the cast is similarly given a single trait for their interactions, with the student council president realizing her life as a slut immediately after having a normal interaction with a boy offering to help her, the nice quiet girl unable to speak up for herself as she gets dragged into Yoshiko’s stupidity until she finally gets fed up and explodes, and even the kids of the show playing the straight man to Yoshiko whenever they’re together. Oh, and A-kun’s little sister is just as stupid as Yoshiko, to the little sister’s eternal disappointment. There’s even a delinquent who comes to worship Yoshiko immediately after she latches onto him in a stupidity camaraderie that he just can’t stop.

Normally these personalities as a checklist of stereotypical anime tropes would be incredibly annoying, but since the show is extremely short and their interactions with each other are, again, hugely disproportionate to normal situations, the humor shines through so much you can’t help but laugh as these stupid jokes land over and over. And the best part is, even if one joke doesn’t land, you’re immediately swept to the next scene so another joke can take over and hit you again.

Of course, this type of humor isn’t for everyone, and for the most part none of it is really that clever. The interactions are stupid and if you don’t like those stereotypes I mentioned in the slightest, this show might be as heinous as it gets to viewers as they abandon it like the unwanted offspring of Comet Lucifer. The animation is also only serviceable, unlike Konosuba’s constantly off model squash and stretch that enrich the over the top reactions, and the music rarely does anything to stand out.

In the end, while the OP changing every time is a neat thing to watch every week, and the show itself is laugh out loud funny to me, it’s definitely not going to be for everyone. It’s the type of humor where you do a spit take at how stupid something is rather than a clever joke or even a knowing wink, so don’t go in expecting anything but stupidity and you’ll probably come out okay.

On the flip side of the comedic spectrum, while still retaining some amount of humor, Tsurezure Children is one of the standout anime this season simply because of how heartrendingly adorable every scene in the show has been. Condensed into five minute or so chunks is relationship after relationship, with each offering a different take on characters and motivations as they desperately attempt to become couples, and often succeed in a ratio that seems mildly excessive given a lot of these characters would have lived out sad lives alone instead of asking out the cute girl who was kind of interested in them and giving offhand signals that they were interested and the guy totally misses them and oh my god this is the anti-Nisekoi…. no wonder I like it.

On the note of Nisekoi, there is one couple who has yet to have both parties involved understand a mutual love, and despite my dislike of the constant misunderstandings that plague romantic comedies, especially in the case of Gamers! this season, I can’t help but root for these two most of all, simply because I get you girl, I get you on a spiritual level. That said, if they draw it out any further, then I’m going to start becoming less satisfied with their relationship and probably groan my way through their segments, personally.

However, the beauty of the show is that no matter how much you like or dislike a couple, you’ll only be spending around five minutes on them before being whisked off to the next one, so unless you’re just as cold hearted as a politician rubbing your hands together in anticipation to kill millions for a few percentages off your taxes, you’ll likely find something to enjoy in each episode.

Really, the part of the show that draws me in the most is that it’s so much of a perfect world, where people actually get together and ask each other out instead of holding it in. There’s a lot of wish fulfillment involved on the part of the viewer, and since there’s so many relationships, there’s going to be one that resonates with you above all the others.

Unlike Aho Girl, ironically despite the larger number of characters, there isn’t as much to say about the characters themselves because they are, again, just like Aho Girl, one note characters. What’s interesting here is the mixture of them, so the couples become the characters rather than them on their own, individually. I’m sure there’s some people who’ve memorized each and every name of even the most minor characters introduced in the show, but for my part, I can really only point to a relationship I like than rather than any specific character.

So I suppose the common strand threaded through both these short form anime are that they use the same tired character archetypes and stereotypes but play them up in interesting, or hilarious, ways. For Aho Girl, they increase the severity of the stupidity up to 11 while Tsurezure Children decides to combine two bland characters and build comedy and romance on their interactions.

To round out Tsurezure Children, the animation is suitably adorable, with bright colors even in the darkest scenes and soft, moe art style that suits a more romantically comedic show like this. Also, I was kind of impressed with its willingness to show not just a kiss in the first episode, but also talking about sex and almost even showing it happening in a later episode, so the series seems to be treating the relationships as actual evolving things rather than a status quo, at least so far.

All in all, these two shows are only around fifteen minutes long per episode, so you owe it to yourself to take a look at at least the first episode to get a feel for whether you’ll enjoy it or not, because for all my praise, there isn’t much evolution in terms of the joke. Every episode of Aho Girl will feature Yoshiko being an idiot and every episode of Tsurezure Children will focus on the romance between two characters, even if those characters change from episode to episode since the cast is so large.

Regardless, that’s all I have on the show for today, so go check it out to get your own opinions on it. If you enjoyed this look into Why You Should Be Watching this anime, take a look at my last Why You Should Be Watching on Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul!

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And, as I always say, remember to enjoy the way you watch anime, because as long as you’re having fun, that’s all that really matters.

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