Steam Sale for CLANNAD Bundle and other VisualArt’s/KEY Games


Take advantage of the current Steam sale of KEY’s visual novels, selling at a third of the original price! The most notable sale is the CLANNAD Bundle, which includes the CLANNAD HD Edition, CLANNAD Side Stories, and the sequel Tomoyo After. For fans of the CLANNAD anime, this is preeeeeetty nice. KEY’s other Steam offers also have largely-discounted prices; check out which after the break!

KEY’s entire catalog on Steam, albeit small, is on sale at over 60% off. This includes the visual novels of the CLANNAD Bundle above at 65% off, as well the additional content of the Anthology Manga and 10th Anniversary Artbook; Harmonia and its soundtrack at 65% off; and planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ at 70% off (which also has an HD Version on Steam for those who understand Japanese, Chinese, or German).

Grab these bargain deals before they disappear! Go get CLANNAD and enjoy crying all over again!!