Aniplex Celebrates Gurren Lagann’s 10th Anniversary at Otakon

For the people who missed it (like me), Gurren Lagann turned 10! To celebrate, Aniplex of America gathered the English dub cast and recounted the story of the dub’s production. Listen in on the voice actors’ memories throughout their involvement in the video, shown at Otakon 2017, after the break!


The video features the following members of the TTGL team:

Tony Oliver – ADR Director
Yuri Lowenthal – Simon
Kyle Hebert – Kamina
Michelle Ruff – Yoko
Steve Blum – Leeron
Stephanie Sheh – Kinon
Johnny Young Bosch – Rossiu
Christopher Smith – Kittan
Jamieson Price – Lord Genome
Mela Lee – Darry
Sam Riegel – Viral

Visit Aniplex of America’s page for Gurren Lagann’s 10th Anniversary Celebration too!