Why You Should Be Watching: Knight’s & Magic

Hello, and welcome to another installment of the popular Why You Should Be Watching series, fresh off a week break between seasons to bring you more reasons why you should be filling your limited hours on this earth with good, old fashioned anime.

This week’s contestant is the up and coming Knight’s & Magic, and with its crazy hodgepodge of fantasy and mechs, you know you’re in for a good time!

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What I’ve Seen: Episode 1

Like I said in the beginning, this anime is a mashup of genres that would never work together in a million years in other media, but here in anime, it’s just par for the course. You’ve got mechs, you’ve got magic, you’ve got DWARVES! Everything you could want in an anime, and they even throw in a trap as the main protagonist as an extra bonus.

But before we get into all that, let’s start with how the show opens: It’s another isekai story, folks. That’s right, another story about a guy in the real world being transported to a fantasy land, this time with an ever so slight twist on the formula: he’s a programmer in the real world. That comes into play pretty heavily because this new world he finds himself stuck in a little boy’s body in has magic that works pretty much exactly like a programming script. Lucky him, eh?

From this starts a rapid series of scenes where we see this pretty little boy named Ernesti with the mind of a programmer start to realize his dream toward becoming a Knight Runner; in other words, he wants to pilot those giant mechs that look like armored knights because he’s always dreamed of the opportunity in the real world alongside his massive collection of mech models.

There are a lot of parts that attract me to this series, but the number one above all the elements presented in the first episode, yes, even aside from the dwarves (which we definitely need more of in anime) is the magic system. The magic system here, like I said earlier, is similar to programming. You input a specific code and it does one thing, but if you tweak the code slightly, you can get it to do something else.

Some of you might recognize this same type of thing as being what drew me to Akashic Records last season, and that’s because tweaking magic systems just slightly to get a different result is endlessly fascinating to me simply because there’s so many possibilities and the type of spell you can then cast is only limited by your creativity.

This is demonstrated several times, and even aside from the magic in the world, Ernesti decides to implement improvements on the existing magitek they have to more finely tune his grasp on magic. He does this by creating his own wand shaped like a gun, and with his analytical mind bent on mastering magic, he draws a pair of twins into his entourage to learn from him, as well.

Magitek, which is the combination of magic and technology, is also extremely fascinating to me, which is one of the reasons universes like Final Fantasy entertain me so much. Here in this universe, most of the magical technology is made by dwarves, which makes me feel all fuzzy inside because dwarves are the best race in fantasy and you can’t tell me otherwise.

Smithing the wands, robots, and whatever other magitek in the universe is their job, and Ernesti immediately befriends a young dwarf which will no doubt result in a special mech just for the main character, as that is one of his goals introduced so far. There hasn’t been an improvement on the Knight Runners in generations, so you can be sure that this kid’s effects on the world will be more widespread than if he had just gone with what he had.

Sadly, there is still a downside to this anime, as there is in any other show, and the biggest of these problems is the 3D in the show. The giant bugs that the Knight Runners fight, along with the mechs themselves, are all rendered in this style, and while that style has worked on mechs and actually looks pretty cool in this show, the giant bugs are far too organic to work well with the straight lines and awkward 3D we’re at the level of using at this time.

Another of the bigger problems with the show is the rapid pace the first episode sets out on. Honestly, this is only because I love the theory and discovery of a new magic system, which the first episode bypasses almost all of to get to the part where Ernesti can be useful in a fight against the demons and other enemies the world is fighting against.

Fortunately, the show still manages to be entertaining despite the extreme pace it sets, and I can only imagine it’ll slow down from here and maybe even give us a few flashbacks to the points where Ernesti is experimenting with the magitek. There’s enough packed into this episode to whet my appetite for now, but the experimentation is truly my favorite part of shows like this, and I’ve read comments that seem to indicate that this is the route the light novel prefers to tread.

We’ll see what the anime does from here on out, but so far this show is shaping up to be one of the more promising anime this season. It’s everything I love about anime thrown together into one show, an experiment that wouldn’t work anywhere else, and even that would be enough for me to recommend the show to you readers.

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