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Horse Girl Game “Uma Musume” Gets Anime and Game PVs

Cygames has released promotional videos for its upcoming game, Uma Musume: Pretty Derby, along with its anime adaptation!

The game is a combination of idol training and horse racing with anthropomorphic horse girl idols. What more could you want? Cygames, TOHO animation, and Lantis will be collaborating on the anime project, with P.A. Works producing the animation.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby will receive both its game and television anime sometime in 2018.

Check out both videos after the break!

TV Anime PV:

Game PV:

  • Talia Kirana

    This is ridiculously cute. As long as it’s not too fanservicey I think I want to watch this anime.

  • Mose895

    I have a bad feeling like the game won’t be getting a US release.