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Cosplay Spotlight #12

It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these.

More cosplay after the break!

[1] Source

Howl by takayuki-jae-hee

[2] Source

Yuudachi / Kantai Collection Cosplay by MaySakaali

[3] Source

Sakura from Naruto Shippuden cosplay by EmyeCosplay

[4] Source

Rin Hoshizora Dancer Cosplay by LadyCatex

[5] Source

Erza Scarlet Cosplay – Heart Kreuz 2 by YuukoScarlet

[6] Source

Cats enjoy their naps, Leave them be by NovainePhotography

[7] Source

Mikleo- Tales of Zestiria at Anime Expo 2017 by mysteari0us

[8] Source

Sailor Mercury 1 by slasher-photography

[9] Source

Mako Mankanshoku cosplay – 4 by XiXiXion

[10] Source

Yuna Rikku Paine Final Fantasy X-2 Cosplay by AGflower

[11] Source

Mt. Lady by kng-bowser

[12] Source

Megumin -6- by NekoHibaPC

[13] Source

Re:Zero Emilia by RACHEL-NYCOLE

[14] Source

Hisoka cosplay by Elena89Hikari

[15] Source

Scepter4 by Vivid-Cosplay

[16] Source

Midorikawa Hana – Prison School by Linamohl

[17] Source

Kakashi Hatake by Gaioz

[18] Source

Kuroko Tetsuya | Cosplay by gustavoselemem

[19] Source

Lux Star Guardian by Ally-bee

[20] Source

Ciel ver Sun in Yume100 by KatCameo

[21] Source

Shishio – Touken Ranbu by Hikuja

[22] Source

Dark angel Olivia by farabellum

[23] Source

Black Hanekawa by rebirthjourney

[24] Source

Kobayashi and Thoru cosplay by MissWeirdCat

[25] Source

Misa Amane 7 by MinoruneTomo

[26] Source

Hokuto Hidaka by nyarthcosplay

[27] Source

Gokotai by YoungUne

[28] Source

Ruby Rose by IlunaNeko

[29] Source

Asuka Cosplay by Irethiss

[30] Source

Black Heart by Zayuri-chan

[31] Source

Gentle Flower by Ryoko-demon

[32] Source

Rea Sanka by AzunaKohana

[33] Source

Petra Ral |Shingeki no Kyojin by Denpun-chan

[34] Source

Guts the Black Swordsman by DrRyo

[35] Source

Wild Card- Takumi by Cactuar-Sauce

[36] Source

~ RoyalPantsu ~ Persona 5 ~ Futaba ~ 1 by crazefuryPhoto

[37] Source

To Define True Madness by AetherFenris

[38] Source

Origami by teanyan

[39] Source

2017 – Monster Hunter Generations – Meowstress 01 by g4spider

[40] Source

Kiznaiver – Noriko Sonozaki 9 by V-kony

[41] Source

Fate/Extra – Tamamo by KiaraBerry

[42] Source

Enjoying the sun aboth Alola by Zhenya-Chan