Why You Shouldn’t Be Watching: Eromanga-sensei

On this cursed day, I come to you not with an anime I would recommend, but one I, with great sincerity and aplomb, suggest you do not watch under any circumstances. Eromanga-sensei is here, and incest is most certainly not wincest.

You can find out why below the break.

OreImo captured the hearts of many back when it first came out, blazing the trail for the little sister route being actually possible and, of course, the only route that mattered once the ending finally hit. Spurning the advances of best girl Kuroneko, Kyousuke decided to instead bang his sister, and in this seed of eldritch sin lies the unnaturally beating heart of Eromanga-sensei.

The author of OreImo is back, this time with no route open save that of the little sister, no matter how the anime may try to convince you otherwise with the plethora of other little loli girls at the main character Masamune’s beck and call.

Girls, all with the proportions appropriate to their ages of under 16, are ogled and put into situations where their naked bodies are on full display for the trash that dare watch this anime, of whom I have become a member, pulled under by the tendrils and grasping limbs of lolicons and incest-route plebeians.

It is too late for me, but not for you, dear reader. Heed my warnings and flee from the madness this show brings with it in every baka, autistic stomping, and misunderstood confession.

For those of you who dare plumb the depths of this corrupt, cancerous prison, I say unto you now that Elf is best girl. Yet this is not entirely true, as the show gives glimpses of characterization and maturity through the situations Masamune finds himself in with these girls, only for those insightful, smooth moments of characterization to regress to fit the narrative of a typical harem anime.

That’s right. These characters that exist are here only to follow through on the promise of their stereotypes, and no matter how they change and grow through the story, they can be brought low, back to their archetype, simply to favor the needs of that dreadful curse called fanservice.

And not only are these moments of fanservice often a disservice to the character, but they are incredibly distracting and almost sickening in a voyeuristic way as the director chooses to focus on random shots of the girls’ privates or small breasts, as if to remind you that these pieces of meat are not little girls, no, but objects of sexual satisfaction for the unfortunate minority that have tastes in the lolicon direction.

But let’s give this show the benefit of the doubt. Does it look good? Well… it’s A1, and while their designs and backgrounds are pretty sometimes, there are a lot of moments in the show where you can definitely tell that they don’t exactly have a handle on the lighting or staying on model with the characters, which isn’t new if you’ve seen their previous anime.

To compare it to something you might know, Sword Art Online often looks really good in its combat scenes, and this show similarly puts in effort when the camera is directly focused on the fanservice, for better or worse. And even then, the fanservice can look unfortunately ugly, as is the case in the latest episode with Elf’s swimsuit.

But I’ll be honest, the show isn’t all bad, since no show I’ve ever been willing to sit through is completely, 100% bad. And I’m still watching it week to week, so I’ll go into some reasons why I do that. The first of which is Sagiri is cute, as a character model.

She’s small and embarrassed and her silver hair fades into pink in a very pleasing way. If she wasn’t the focus of so much fan service, I’d find her worth protecting as a little sister, rather than a potential sexual object like the anime seriously wants you to view her as.

Similarly, the other girls in the show are aesthetically pleasing when they’re not being creeped on in panty and down the shirt shots at random intervals, with Muramasa being the hottest of the available girls in a physical fashion, especially in her swimsuit, though the bookstore girl that hasn’t been given much screen time is also pretty hot since she actually looks like she’d be legal to date.

Elf, on the other hand, is best girl simply because she’s so mature despite the chuunibyou personality she puts on, and combined with her lolita-inspired red dresses and other outfits, she’s fun and interesting and a perfect match for the main character since their chemistry together is the best out of all the pairings.

The only problem is her propensity toward being overly sexual, and while I could chalk this up to the character herself thinking being sexual is more mature and therefore attractive despite her body not reaching the requirements to actually be so, it’s much more likely that the anime simply wants to see these girls naked or near naked as much as possible rather than any character reason.

And that’s ultimately the biggest reason I urge you not to watch this show. The designs are cute when they’re not being “sexy”, the voices are lovely to listen to on all sides, save perhaps the main character’s, and the characters themselves can sometimes be intriguing and compelling.

But the biggest problem and unfortunate affliction this show suffers from is that all of that can be thrown away just to get another scene of these girls naked. That’s really all this show is, and the characters here have potential that is thrown away in favor of rule of sexy. Nothing matters, Sagiri is going to win, this anime is the biggest waste of time you could watch, the OP is the best part about it, and the ED’s dance is super cute.

Trust me when I say steer clear of this one, but if you dare join me in the maddening void that is this anime, never say I didn’t warn you.

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