Poll Results: Favorite Anime Costume?

The results were close, but kemonomimi (animal ears) made it out ahead by a mere 5 votes! Here to celebrate the victory for animal ears is a Dog Days header image. That anime is full of them.

Our next poll will be in honor of Father’s Day. Get ready to vote for: Best Anime Dad!

Dads can fulfill many different roles in an anime series. Whether they’re the absentee father, the supportive parent cheering on from the sidelines, the dad protagonist, or just an awful human being overall (looking at you, Shou Tucker), they all leave a lasting impact on their children.

Head on over to the sidebar and choose the best (not awful) dad from the list! (Sorry, no Gendo Ikaris or Gambinos in this poll.)

Check out the full results for the latest poll after the break!