New PV, Key Visual, and Character Designs for “Konbini Kareshi” Original TV Anime

A promotional video, key visual, and character designs have been released to the official website for Konbini Kareshi, a convenience store love story. This original anime project will follow the lives of a group of students as they fall in love and handle their feelings up to a confession.

The series’ synopsis is listed below:

Spring: The season of beginnings. Haruki Mishima and his close friend Towa Honda are enrolling in their first year at a new high school. While there are lots of interesting girls around, the possibility of love developing is slim.

As the two spend their new high school lives together, they meet and befriend several classmates. When school ends each day, they all gather at the nearby convenience store for snacks, magazines, food, or just to hang out. This convenience store becomes their usual meet-up spot where they can relax, talk about their lives, and meet girls.

Konbini Kareshi will begin airing on July 7.

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Key Visual:

Character Designs: