Cosplay Spotlight #10

Let’s get this spotlight started with some Kurisu cosplay.

More after the break!

[1] Source

Kurisu Masike Cosplay by TotCosplay by CosplayCenter

[2] Source

Dead Or Alive 5 | Kasumi and Ayane Cosplay by Dzikan


[3] Source

Yuudachi / Kantai Collection by MaySakaali

[4] Source

Bone Armor Soubi Cosplay Monster Hunter Evil-Siren by Evil-Siren

[5] Source

Academy Ahri cosplay by Chewiebaka

[6] Source

Zero Suit Samus XII by MeganCoffey

[7] Source

Star Guardian Lux – Cosplay by OpheliaPennifold

[8] Source

Dva x Ahri crossover cosplay! by KittyVastaya

[9] Source

DRAMAtical Murder Noiz by KayladFrost

[10] Source

Megacon 2017 black hanekawa by kingofthedededes73

[11] Source

HATSUNE MIKU 2 by MinoruneTomo

[12] Source

Sayaka Ape Escape 3 Cosplay – 1 by Gj2

[13] Source

Kanna Kamui by W0lfieRose

[14] Source

Skull Kid from TLOZ: Majora’s Mask by Reneks

[15] Source

Tidus and Yuna | Final Fantasy X by latigrepalmare

[16] Source

Haruna – Kantai Collection by Miss-Fairy-Floss

[17] Source

The Time by Koyzumie

[18] Source

RinPana by irishcharmforthewin

[19] Source

Miqo’te Esumi Aoi Cosplay FFXIV Evil-Siren by Evil-Siren

[20] Source

white wolf by Dr4physics

[21] Source

Kagura and Gintoki/Pako 3 by KiraYamapi

[22] Source

Searching by KyosGal

[23] Source

Zero by brainsandwich

[24] Source

10th anniversary Shiki 10 – Death under the trees by simakai

[25] Source

A2 is ready to fight by brainsandwich

[26] Source

Mew Ichigo by W0lfieRose

[27] Source

Look at the sky by renataeternal

[28] Source

Yuna | Final Fantasy X by latigrepalmare

[29] Source

With Me by dorksindisguise

[30] Source

Juuban Gakuen by DarthTepes

[31] Source

Terra x Aqua by HikaruTokoyami

[32] Source

I’ve always considered myself a true ninja… by Lexine90

[33] Source

Emilia and Rem by poweredjj

[34] Source

Fran: Final Fantasy 12 (Photoshoot) by AudreyQuinzel

[35] Source

Serinuma Kae Cosplay – Kiss Him Not Me! by TineMarieRiis

[36] Source

Yuyuko Saigyouji (Touhou) Cosplay by edeets

[37] Source

Rin Hoshizora – Maid Outfit by KYY24

[38] Source

Roxas – I am who I am by RoXas13BearerOfTwo

[39] Source

also tohru by Dr4physics

[40] Source

Shiemi and Nii by Volhime

[41] Source

Doll by RengeNoHana

[42] Source

Panty and Stocking – 7 by XiXiXion