“Squid Sisters Stories” Updated with Chapters 4 and 5

Chapters 4 and 5 of Splatoon 2‘s “Squid Sisters Stories” have been updated to the official website! The introduction, prologue, and first chapter were previously released in April, and chapters 2 and 3 were released earlier in May.

For those unfamiliar, the stories follow Callie and Marie and their life after the final Splatfest of the first Splatoon game. The stories hint to answering why only Marie was seen in the Splatoon 2 trailer and if the sisters eventually drift apart.

You can find the chapters, along with their illustrations, after the break!

How long had it been since they’d visited Arowana Mall together in their free time? They wandered past new stores and some of their old favorites, enjoying the leisure of window shopping. After checking out all the spots they were interested in, they’d worked up quite an appetite and stopped at a café for lunch. Callie ordered a burger, Marie a slice of pizza.

At times like this, talk turned naturally to the work they’d each been doing lately. They swapped stories of workplace happenings and gossiped about their costars. Each was concerned for the other, but neither wanted to darken the mood by discussing anything too serious. Callie decided to mention that she’d seen Marie at the café that morning. Marie seemed a bit caught off guard but began talking about her conversation with Crusty Sean without missing a beat.

It seems Sean had recently quit his job at Shrimp Kicks. He’d been the store manager there for years but had long dreamt of opening a place of his own. A friend introduced a new opportunity, and Sean went for it.

“I hope he’ll be OK,” Marie said with some concern. “He’s always been a bit impulsive.”

According to Crusty Sean, Annie had been looking for a new gig as well. Truth be told, she’d never been much of a people anemone and felt like she’d given retail the old college try. She’d been keeping busy recently, helping decorate weapons at Ammo Knights. The more she did it, the more she felt like this detail-oriented part-time job suited her perfectly.

“Do you think Annie and Sheldon…?!” Callie blurted out in excitement.

“No way,” Marie said, smiling. “Not a chance.”

It turns out Sheldon was busy himself, planning to expand Ammo Knights to a second location. He had his eyes on a prime spot in the part of town that was quickly becoming the new hotness for the Turf War set.

“That Sheldon has always had a nose for business,” the girls agreed.

The conversation turned to Cap’n Cuttlefish, more precisely that neither of them had seen him lately. It was true that their schedules had kept them too busy to pay him a proper visit, but they hadn’t seen his head poke out of the usual manhole recently, either. There was no real cause for alarm now that the Octarians had gone tame, and thinking of their grandfather gave them a good laugh. Surely the old rascal would turn up sooner or later.

They got lost in conversation, and time slipped away. When they noticed the sun beginning to set, Callie and Marie decided to head for home. They remembered just how much fun they always had when they were together.

“Fun” didn’t quite do it justice, though. It was more than that-something special that made their hearts feel full.

They felt as though the clouds that had been gathering around them had suddenly blown clear…

Marie was packing clothes into her suitcase. She was getting ready for a trip home to Calamari County. The trip had come about somewhat suddenly thanks to finding herself with a rare three days off in a row! Rehearsals for her new show were scheduled to start after this, and she knew she wouldn’t have time off again for a while. Her manager suggested some R&R would do her good, and sent her on her way.

Marie had invited Callie to join her, but Callie had an appointment she couldn’t miss that day. So Marie decided to head out right away by herself so as to not waste her short vacation. Callie saw her off at the station, promising to catch up with Marie the following day. The train to Calamari County takes three and a half hours from Inkopolis, not an epic journey in the grand scheme of things. Still, without Callie by her side, Marie felt lonely, and the minutes ticked by interminably.

Marie hadn’t been home in quite some time, and her parents were overjoyed to see her. They sat on the porch together, basking in the sun and whiling the day away as Marie told them all about her latest exploits in Inkopolis. She was reminded just how much she loved the place where she’d grown up. Compared to the hustle and bustle of the city, there might not be much happening, but the flow of time felt different here-it felt right. Marie took a deep breath of fresh air, exhaled, and felt her worries and cares float away.

From time to time as she spoke, Marie’s parents interjected with questions about Callie. Each time Marie replied that yes, of course, Callie was doing fine. But with each question she winced inwardly, as if pricked by an unseen needle.

“We’re both just really busy with our own things, you know?”

As she struggled to answer her parents’ questions in an upbeat fashion, she was struck by the realization that she really didn’t know how Callie was doing at all.

But Callie would be coming the next day, she reminded herself, and one look at her face would quickly dispel these nagging feelings of guilt. Marie went to bed and waited for morning to arrive…