Saber Servant Class Trailer Released for “Fate/Grand Order” Localization

A translated trailer for the Fate/Grand Order Saber servant class has been released! Fate/Grand Order is a turn-based combat mobile game based on the Fate/Stay Night visual novel and features other Fate source material. The Saber servant class is one of many that appears in the game.

“Fate/Grand Order Servant Class: SABER

What is a Servant? They are an attendant that serves the Master. In this case, heroes from myths and legends that become familiars. In order to ensure their Master’s triumph in a Holy Grail War, they follow orders and fight other Masters and Servants.”

Fate/Grand Order will be available to play on Android and iOS systems for free once it releases to the US this summer.

Check out the video after the break!

Original Japanese Trailer: