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Video: The Greatest Thing Anime Has Done

What does anime mean to you? Check out Gigguk’s take on the matter, as he discusses the anime medium, the ways it expresses things, and how that can resonate with you. It’s worth a watch!

Check it out after the break.


  • Shrow

    I can understand what Gigguk is talking about, anime has some of the most relatable content considering the medium as a whole contains a wide variety of genres.

    I’m personally connected with shows like Acchi Kochi which alleviates my desire for a life with a casual group of friends. It’s something I wish I had.

    Now for helping me go through hard times, I can’t point any time in my life I used anime for that but if I think hard enough i’m sure there’s a point in my life.

    • AlienWarhead

      I connected to Hajime no Ippo because I can’t relate to a bullied kid who want to be strong. I related to Welcome to the N.H.K., Watemote and 3-Gatsu no Lion because of depression and social anxiety. I haven’t seen other media tackle stuff like that or do it so well except for Katawa Shouji, but that’s inspired by Japanese media.

      Anime did help me though tough times, the summer of 2015 would have been harder for me without all the good anime that came out.