Cosplay Spotlight #7

It’s been a while since the last one of these.

More cosplay below!

[1] Source

Final Fantasy VII – Tifa Lockhart by KiraHokuten

[2] Source

Papi Monster Musume Cosplay by MaidLatte

[3] Source

Code Geass – C.C. by Xeno-Photography

[4] Source

Gintama – Kyubei Yagyu male by LeeDMaggot

[5] Source

Karneval – Nai by TemeSasu

[6] Source

Yami cosplay 3 by Nebulaluben

[7] Source

Magical girl lyrical Nanoha by MinoruneTomo

[8] Source

Utaha Kasumigaoka by MarinyanCosplay

[9] Source

Lightning Cosplay Costume from Final Fantasy by FizCosplay

[10] Source

shantae and the pirate’s curse cosplay by LeslieSalas

[11] Source

Suigintou – Rozen Maiden – [Cold] by GeniMonster

[12] Source

Nozomi Tojo by MiranaCosplay

[13] Source

Love Live! – Koizumi Hanayo by Xeno-Photography

[14] Source

Circus Eli – Everglades VI by MeganCoffey

[15] Source

Yuri Plisetsky Cosplay by GeazakiCosplay

[16] Source

Fate: Family Ties by Purrblind

[17] Source

Mysme – never apart again by stormyprince

[18] Source

Luna and Artemis by slivovayaSva

[19] Source

Roxas’s battle by Kura-Inran

[20] Source

Naps and Snacks by DarkFelicia

[21] Source

Nisekoi: Waiting for love IV by MartinaEdelstein

[22] Source

Kimono Ryuko – Lake by MeganCoffey

[23] Source

Yuno Gasai by Frittella-on-cosplay

[24] Source

Toon Zelda by pandamalloww

[25] Source

Maki Nishikino by chongbit

[26] Source

NieR: Automata -YoRHa No.2 Type B (aka 2B) cosplay by Disharmonica

[27] Source

[Cosplay] Miku Hatsune 4 by Didi-hime

[28] Source

Yandere Simulator 2/9 by MissCosmicKitty

[29] Source

Akashi Seijurou by HanaelCosplay

[30] Source

Rea Sanka Cosplay by Tsukikyabi

[31] Source

SDR2: Sleepy gamer by MartinaEdelstein

[32] Source

Persona 3 : Assistant by y-o-s-s-i

[33] Source

Athena by JunJun92

[34] Source

Lalafell Kaa Lii 04 – FFXIV by Kaalii

[35] Source

Princess Kakyuu-hime, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars by cestlasara

[36] Source

Kuriyama Mirai|Kyokai no Kanata by thelittlesprout

[37] Source

Asuka gothic lolita style cosplay by Kawaielli

[38] Source

Tia Harribel – Marine Version – Bleach Cosplay by mirella91

[39] Source

Princes Shirahoshi Preview by MeganCoffey

[40] Source

Sailor Moon : Genius Girl by y-o-s-s-i

[41] Source

Sakura, tsubasa chronicle by Makicreazion

[42] Source

Lillie (Pokemon Sun and Moon) by neoshinra

[43] Source

Black Butler – Book of Circus Doll Cosplay VI by MeskaDvasia

[44] Source

Michiru by MerielCosplay

[45] Source

Ojamajo Doremi Group by testolinabuffa

[46] Source

Tenka by MarinyanCosplay

[47] Source

Ardyn Izunia Cosplay – Final Fantasy XV by Dorigatto

[48] Source

Magnolia Arch by LuxCosplay

[49] Source

Fate – Saber Nero (Babydoll version) by KiaraBerry

[50] Source

Iki Hiyori Cosplay from Noragami by suyincosplay

[51] Source

Hijikata and Saitou by YuureiCosplay

[52] Source

Kawashima Ami by Ariadna-Lobe

[53] Source

One Piece Anime Matsuri 2017 Group Cosplay by firecloak