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Nintendo Intentionally Made The Switch’s Cartridges Taste Awful

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Yes, this is actual news. People have been taste testing the Nintendo Switch cartridges (for some reason) and have come to discover that they taste awful. Nintendo told IGN that they coated the cartridges with a bitter agent. Whatever that means.

How do you feel about this news? Are you sad that this is considered news? Discuss in the comments below!

  • AngelSassin

    Honestly, as a tactic of Nintendo, this is a good idea. Little kids like eating things, and now this is one more thing that won’t be stuck in kids’ poop.

  • Twylite-Sparkle

    They do that with the mouse bait I use at work, too. (I tried it, lol)
    You could technically eat it, as the poison in the bait, bromadiolone, (if spelled right) is the same medicine we use for thinning our blood, mixed with wax & bird seed.

  • Mose895

    I don’t know how Nintendo can expect their new system to succeed if the cartridges aren’t delicious!

  • Tsunderstorm
    • Canyon Light

      Eh, I prefer Ruffles anyways,

  • Canyon Light

    I guess no one is concerned if you potentially ruin the cartridge by doing this.