New Merchandise for “Fate/Grand Order”, “One Punch Man”, and Hatsune Miku

New merchandise has been added to Good Smile Company’s shop!

A set of Fate/Grand Order collectible figures, a 1/6th scale Genos figurine (One Punch Man), and a 1/8th scale Hatsune Miku V4X figurine are available to preorder now.

You can find more information about everything after the break!

Learning with Manga! Collectible Figures (Fate/Grand Order)

Female Main Character/Gudako
Shielder/Mash Kyrielight
Saber/Altria Pendragon
Ruler/Jeanne d’Arc
Lancer/Elizabeth Bathory

“The bizarre characters of Fate/Grand Order’s “Learning with Manga” series!
The cute yet peculiar characters from the manga series on the Fate/Grand Order official site, “”Learning with Manga! Fate/Grand Order”” have been transformed into a selection of collectible figures!

The line-up includes six different characters including the Female Main Character/Gudako, Shielder/Mash Kyrielight, Saber/Altria Pendragon, Ruler/Jeanne d’Arc, Lancer/Scáthach and Lancer/Elizabeth Bathory. The figures may be small, but they have a mysterious charm to them that will spice up any display! Be sure to add them to your collection!”

Each collectible figure is approximately 35mm tall (about 1.4 inches) and the set of six is priced at 3,600 yen (roughly $31.42) including tax. You can preorder them through the Good Smile Company Online Shop. Orders can only be taken until April 6. They will be officially released and shipped out in August 2017.

1/6 Articulated Figure: Genos (One Punch Man)

“A 1/6th scale action figure of Genos, the S-Class hero from One-Punch Man!
From the anime series One-Punch Man comes a 1/6th scale figure of the S-Class cyborg hero, Genos! The figure is fully articulated and stands approximately 30.5cm in height, with special upper body articulation designed specifically for Geno’s cyborg body.

The figure is articulated down to joints in his individual fingers, and he also comes with a variety of optional parts including an open chest piece as well as left hand parts making use of his incineration cannons. A detachable core piece for his chest is also included, and he even comes with both a white skirt with collar and a light-blue hooded shirt which can be worn for a different appearance. His eyes, chest and palms all feature light-up effects (requires 9x AG1 batteries).”

This 1/6th scale figurine by threezero is approximately 305mm tall (about 12 inches) and is priced at 25,920 yen (roughly $226.21) including tax. You can preorder him through the Good Smile Company Online Shop (Japan Only). Orders can only be taken until May 24. He will be officially released and shipped out in November 2017.

Hatsune Miku V4X (Vocaloid)

“The cute electronic diva is back in a brand new outfit!
A 1/8th scale figure of Hatsune Miku V4X, the upgraded voice synthesizer that allows for more natural and expressive singing! The figure is based on the main illustration for Hatsune Miku V4X done by iXima which features Miku in a beautiful, elegant pose! Her youthful body line has a lovely soft appearance which contrasts against the sharp appearance of her twin-tailed hair. Be sure to add her to your collection and enjoy the charm of the all-new Hatsune Miku!”

This 1/8th scale figurine is approximately 220mm tall (about 8.7 inches) and is priced at 8,900 yen (roughly $77.67) including tax. You can preorder her through the Good Smile Company Online Shop. Orders can only be taken until April 6. She will be officially released and shipped out in January 2018.

☆ If you don’t want to buy these through Good Smile Company’s online shop, there are other options available to you. Some examples include: Crunchyroll’s Online Store, AmiAmi, and Hobby Search. If you have another preferred site to use, that’s great too! It doesn’t hurt to check all of your options.