Key Visual, Cast, and Website Launched for “Mitsuboshi Colors” Anime Adaptation

The official website for the Mitsuboshi Colors television anime adaptation has been launched along with a key visual and main cast list.

Yuuki Takada (Aoba from New Game! and Elma from Maid Dragon) will be voicing Yui, Marika Kouno (Niwaka Denkigai from Akiba’s Trip the Animation and Rin Kohana from Seiyuu’s Life!) will be voicing Sacchan, and Natsumi Hioka (Machi Amayadori from Kuma Miko and Tsukuyo Inaba from the upcoming Busou Shoujo Machiaellianism anime) will be voicing Kotoha.

MyAnimeList describes the synopsis below:

“The “Colors” are three cute little girls who hang out together and say they’re protecting the peace of their city. They have lots of fun together, doing stuff like playing games, solving puzzles, and going to the zoo. This manga follows their largely happy daily life.”

The slice of life series began as a manga in July 2014. It was published in Dengeki Daioh with story and art by Katsuwo.