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Anime Rewatch #4: Gakkou Gurashi! – Episode 7

Things are getting progressively darker.

Today we’re on episode seven of Gakkou Gurashi, titled “A Letter”

You can find the episode on Crunchyroll, or a different site.

Discussion and spoilers after the break!

  • Tsunderstorm

    Aaa, I noticed the opening theme got noticeably darker this time. I’m worried. ; w ;

    This episode felt like a good place to stop the show. 😀 …Pls stop here before something bad happens. :’D Pls I’m scared.

  • Shrow

    I swear character deaths are gonna become my phobia. I hope everything stays somewhat happy. The show seems to have taken the grim zombie setting and mixed it with a happy slice of life. Which is very unique in what it did, the only thing is that with slice of life I don’t have to worry about grim stuff but with this I’m very worried about the characters. Especially with some of the foreshadowing we’ve seen so far.

    I pray that these four anime girls survive.