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Anime Rewatch #4: Gakkou Gurashi! – Episode 1

We’re starting up our new rewatch!

Today we’re on episode one of Gakkou Gurashi, titled “Beginning.”

You can find the episode on Crunchyroll, or somewhere else probably.

Discussion and spoilers after the break!

  • Unknowingly_Derpy

    At least Madoka had the decency of waiting till episode 3

  • Mose895

    I was so upset the first time I saw that ending. I remember wanting to watch a lighthearted anime after a rough day and I thought “this looks fun and happy!” …yup…

  • GoldenMorpho

    That was quite the twist of an episode. Taroumaru is an adorable dog and I hope nothing bad happens to him.
    (By the way, the ‘Crunchyroll’ link goes to Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions instead of School Live.)

  • AlienWarhead

    Yay we’re getting comments, I watched this when it was coming out, it’s weird watching this knowing the reveal, but I see thing I haven’t seen before like what the chalkboard says.