1st PV, Cast, and Character Designs Released for “No Game No Life -Zero-” Film

The official website for the No Game No Life anime adaptation has uploaded the character designs, cast, and first promotional video for the upcoming film, No Game No Life – Zero-!

The main cast members of the anime series will be voicing new characters in this film, while Yukari Tamura (Jibril), Miyuki Sawashiro (Izuna Hatsuse), and Rie Kugimiya (Tet) will remain voicing their original characters.

No Game No Life -Zero- will open in theaters on July 15. This film will tell the prequel story that takes place long before Sora and Shiro enter this world.

Check everything out after the break!

1st PV:

Character Designs:

Riku Dora
Shuvi Dora
Corone Dora
Nonna Zell
Shinku (Sync) Nilvalen