Cosplay Spotlight #6

Cosplay time.

More after the break!

[1] Source

Gintama cosplay: Hijikata, Okita by DAIxSORA

[2] Source

Volume 4 Weiss – Ice Queen by Eiloria

[3] Source

Amy Rose Cosplay by UncannyMegan

[4] Source

Caesar A. Zeppeli by NekoHibaPC

[5] Source

[Pokemon Sun + Moon] Team Skull Grunt by Annjelife

[6] Source

Open Air by xWhiteRussia

[7] Source

Homura and Sayaka cosplay by AnyanCosplay

[8] Source

Hana Midorikawa cosplay Prison school by Tenori-Tiger

[9] Source

Cindy Aurum Cosplay by Tdeluisa

[10] Source

Cosplay of Nami 3 by MinoruneTomo

[11] Source

Yuno Gasai cosplay by toki-sakamaki

[12] Source

Blake by PikaLu89

[13] Source

Nen Nen by neko-tin

[14] Source

Jean Wanwan as Mari Rose (Dead or Alive) by Shinigami-X

[15] Source

Soul Eater Cosplay: Kid Death and Thompsons by Donaven951

[16] Source

Aranea Highwind by narutakupro

[17] Source

Naruto Shippuuden – Kaguya Ootsutsuki by lKainl

[18] Source

Kill la Kill Cosplay: Ryuko Matoi 3 by Donaven951

[19] Source

Freyja Wion, Macross Delta by Bamz-OSully

[20] Source

Circus Eli VIII by MeganCoffey

[21] Source

Tharja-Spellbound by sealilyx

[22] Source

My Teto Cosplay by Ninjagirl9

[23] Source

Gotta Pose to Kill Zombies by CaptainTabatha

[24] Source

Casual Link by noblewolfyhell

[25] Source

The feelings for those I love became my strength by Patricia-Silva

[26] Source

Waiting for the enemies by AnubisBride

[27] Source

Humanity Has Declined by Alanaowlet

[28] Source

Nora Cosplay from Noragami by suyincosplay

[29] Source

Victor Nikiforov Cosplay by AkaneYueyuki

[30] Source

Sailor Luna and Sailor Jupiter by Sailorcristal

[31] Source

Magical Girl Pajama Party by AutoBubbs

[32] Source

Sorceress | DRAGON’S CROWN cos Citrus Heart by clickarteacao

[33] Source

Olivier Mira Armstrong by MeganCoffey

[34] Source

Soi Fon (Sui-Fng) Cosplay by Kuromito1

[35] Source

Misty Cosplay from Pokemon by suyincosplay

[36] Source

Nagisa Shiota | Ansatsu Kyoushitsu by Denpun-chan

[37] Source

Shiro by alexxeroguronansensu

[38] Source

Berserker Yuna by Ito6

[39] Source

in the dusk by Latharna-Cosplay

[40] Source

Rize Kamishiro by Mitsurinalice

[41] Source

Tsuyu-1 by Mitsubaba

[42] Source

Uno Nanbaka Cosplay by Katty-z

[43] Source

Nico by Chastten

[44] Source

Back to school 3 by Giuly-Chan

[45] Source

Mami Tomoe Cosplay by AkaneYueyuki

[46] Source

Fruits Basket: Kagura by Rai91

[47] Source

Utaha Kasumigaoka by MarinyanCosplay

[48] Source

Let’s navigate! by Titsume

[49] Source

Tomoyo-hime, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle by cestlasara

[50] Source

Sailor Pluto, Saturn and Chibi Moon by xRoxyryokox

[51] Source

Stay again by ForoA

[52] Source

Dr Eggman and Sonic Cosplay by ViluVector

[53] Source

Rozen Maiden – Suigintou by FirehawkCosplay