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Nightly Discussion #77 Final Chapter Prologue

Tonight we close the book on one of Desu Daily’s longest running traditions: the Nightly Discussion.

It’s no secret that the discussions haven’t been active lately. Between people not coming back between site shutdowns and those finding our Discord server a more efficient way to talk to the rest of the community, the classic ND has been largely ignored.

As such, until further notice, this will be the “final” Nightly Discussion. Maybe one day we’ll bring them back if the community gets big enough and there’s demand for it.

Later, buddy.

  • Shrow

    Well shoot.

    I remember seeing Desu’s NDs way back when, I never commented on any them though I definitely should have.
    It’s one thing i’l regret not experiencing.
    Maybe it’s true though, discord has become the new, better alternative to the Nd’s. Almost no one shows up here anymore.

    Well i’m gonna miss these regardless.
    Anything on anybody’s mind?

  • Well


    I guess the Discord really did kill the Nightly’s

    I’ll miss viewing and making them.

  • AlienWarhead

    Well damn, I never commented on here a lot, but this thread usually got the most comments then the site when down the second time and everyone got used to the discord, oh well time to end with Miia

  • Reisen_Udonge

    Although I haven’t commented too much, I’ve been here since the second Nightly Discussion. It’s kind of strange thinking of DesuDaily without the Nightly Discussions. Really, where would be without them? But it’s true that things have changed.



  • Twylite-Sparkle

    Goodnight Nightly Discussions V.3
    Though we hardly commented on thee
    (And Discord is alien to me)

  • Eamdell

    I ain’t gonna spout nothing showy like “later buddy” so see ya round bozos!

  • AngelSassin

    Hows it goin everybody?? What’d I miss?