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  • Komacheeky

    You can play Overwatch now? Neat.

  • Komacheeky

    I hope they don’t postpone the Christmas Aqours cards, which were skipped, until Christmas.

  • Komacheeky

    ENGLISH RELEASE…. in Southeast Asia..
    not that I have a PS4.

  • AlienWarhead

    Great new costumes for year of the rooster, but I don’t know if I want to spend money, I only broke my no buy rule for Witch Mercy, I don’t know if I want to do it again. Buying loot boxes seemed too addicting and it felt extra bad to get bad loot boxes.

  • Reisen_Udonge

    All I want for Chinese New Year is Aqours 1st Live Livestreams in the US

  • Mei actually looks cute now

  • Shukie

    Been loving the overwatch update. Got the D.Va, Mei(Varient), and Junkrat skins so far. :> Been Re-watching Zoids, Chaotic Century. Good stuff!