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Movie Night #6: Castle in the Sky

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Guess who did something on New Year’s Eve and completely forgot to make this for last week? Me. Oh  boy. At least I can say I saw a movie.

Anyway, tonight’s film is Castle in the Sky. I’m pretty sure this is Miyazaki as well. As are most the movies we’ve watched. Oh well.

Go watch it where you want and then come back here to discuss!

  • Jon Turner

    This is one of my favorite Miyazaki movies of all time, and it’s also one of the studio’s most exciting. It’s just great fun throughout. The Disney dub is also quite good: Luke Skywalker and Miss Skinner’s performances especially; both are impeccable choices for their roles. The leads are probably a bit too mature sounding, but they’re still competent IMO, and other than that the dub is very well done.