Cosplay Spotlight #5

So much cosplay, so little time.

More cosplay after the break!

[1] Source

Blake Belladonna | RWBY cos CAMI by clickarteacao

[2] Source

Dragon Ball – Bulma III by MeganCoffey

[3] Source

Ready for the last race by pearl-nacree

[4] Source

Astolfo by AyaFrost

[5] Source

Despair is contagious by YumiDono

[6] Source

Yuna – Believe by CrystalMoonlight1

[7] Source

Naruto Shippuden: Deidara by Vandenbroucke

[8] Source

Lenalee Lee by FransuazaStein

[9] Source

Chuunibyou~ by Hayo-Chan

[10] Source

Elizabeth – Those Days by SoraPaopu

[11] Source

a n a r c h y by zzephie

[12] Source

Smile! by sofia2134

[13] Source

Pandora Hearts :: Will of the Abyss by Fleuuuuuuur

[14] Source

Umi Sonoda by PureProjectGirls

[15] Source

Hana spring blossom by Katherin-Wheel

[16] Source

It’s a Secret! by MirianRose

[17] Source

Sing! – Callie And Marie Cosplay Splatoon by ChaosityCosplay

[18] Source

[ Happy New Year_Owari no Seraph ] by AoshiNiKo

[19] Source

Outside world by BaraKashi

[20] Source

Pokemon GO TEAMS Leader by PriSuicun

[21] Source

Shura Cosplay by SadieHoneyCat

[22] Source

Asashina Wataru by mochiyuu

[23] Source

Shaman King cosplay – Faust 8 Eliza by Tushkanchik666

[24] Source

Rin cosplay 4 by kagaminemikai

[25] Source

Yuri!!! on ICE cosplay: Otayuri by DAIxSORA

[26] Source

Holo the Wise Wolf – Garden by MeganCoffey

[27] Source

Curiosity – Ringabel and Edea – Bravely Default by ChaosityCosplay

[28] Source

ReL by OscuroLupoCosplay

[29] Source

Need to stand up…Now I have new reasons to fight by ChibiWrath17

[30] Source

T i t a n i a ~ by LordSchiffer

[31] Source

Hybrid Child by CielMichaelis88

[32] Source

Isabelle Gijinka by Spufflez

[33] Source

LOVE LIVE SUNSHINE – AQOURS cosplay by karlonne

[34] Source

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas – Hades by CrazyJoker18

[35] Source

Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic – Sheba Cosplay by GiuliaZelda

[36] Source

Homucifer cosplay by KICKAcosplay