Cosplay Spotlight #4

It looks like we’re due for another Cosplay Spotlight!

More cosplay after the break!

[1] Source

Hatsune Miku ver. Senbonzakura II by silverwolfieofficial

[2] Source

Anniversary Princess Kanzaki Ranko Cosplay by RikoSaruwatari

[3] Source

Christmas Kashima / KanColle Cosplay by MaySakaali

[4] Source

Art Club by MirianRose

[5] Source

Cosplay Yoshino by HeavenlylSorrow

[6] Source

Ririchiyo by milk-dr0p

[7] Source

Kuro Shiro – 1 by hime-baka

[8] Source

Naruto by Mondkaeppchen

[9] Source

Stand! – Luna Yumizuki Cardfight!! Vanguard G by ChaosityCosplay

[10] Source

Macross Delta by melaniejoanneutau

[11] Source

The Shot by Xxfruit-cakexX

[12] Source

Jojo Bizarre Adventure Cosplay: Hermes and Jolyne by MakeupSiren

[13] Source

Rias gremory cosplay card – high school dxd by himariyuki54

[14] Source

Jekyll Island Comic Con 2016 Card Captor Sakura by I-May-Not-Know-Art

[15] Source

Zelda [Skyward Sword – Goddess] by DeonxLia

[16] Source

Squall Leonhart by jmsee

[17] Source

Dead Or Alive – Marie Rose by Kiramism

[18] Source

Petra Ral 2 by HarukaSiebenmeer

[19] Source

Super Sonico by Nausicaaink

[20] Source

Love Live! – Nishikino Maki x Maki by Xeno-Photography

[21] Source

Emilia Cosplay (Re: Zero) by KleinerPixel

[22] Source

Hak and Kija by Neko-48

[23] Source

Wielding the sword by RydiaValentine

[24] Source

Battle Preperation – Satsuki Kiryuin Cosplay by ChaosityCosplay

[25] Source

Krul Tepes by katikura

[26] Source

Andromeda Shun by LaYonnaH

[27] Source

Diane by TripppleCosplay

[28] Source

Erza Scarlet ( casual ver.) | Fairy Tail by Denpun-chan

[29] Source

sailor moon sailor mars cosplay by reihinoo

[30] Source

To A Better Future by Xxfruit-cakexX

[31] Source

Cosplay Tony Tony Chopper | One Piece by Raissaarp

[32] Source

Cinderella Girls Cosplay by RikoSaruwatari

[33] Source

Ann. Lily Saber 3 by IchigeiCosplay

[34] Source

You’re Dead by Dat-Ashe-Cosplay

[35] Source

Happy New Year 2017! by Aster-Hime

[36] Source

Gladion and Trainer Pokemon sun and moon cosplay by ChaosityCosplay