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  • I accidentally bought an amazon prime membership

    • ALa ALba

      Use it for free twitch subs.

  • Shrow

    Hey how’s everyone doing?

    Not much going on my end.

  • Twylite-Sparkle

    Hope everyone celebrates New Year’s Eve safely!

    • Canyon Light

      Indeed, Happy New Year’s Eve and be careful when partying hard.

  • Canyon Light

    I look forward to Gundam Unicorn TV series being on Toonami, I have not watched Gundam on Toonami since I can remember, it was probably the G Fighter series or Gundam Wing. I’ve heard the Gundam Unicorn OVAs are better paced than the Re: 0096 TV series, but I shall not pass up the opprotunity to watch a Gundam series I haven’t seen yet, weekly.