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  • I was told people would actually come today.
    I doubt it.

    These used to be fun, y’know?

  • Shadoo is here!

  • Shadaroo

    Shadaroo is here!

    ps. I was going to post that exact Maki image but T beat me to it. Shiz. Persona it is.

    Anywho, I’ve been up to a lots! I watched Tokyo Godfathers, which was good. Not perfect, but good for sure.

    Yuri!!! On Ice wrapped up, and that was unironically great. Leaves a bit to be desired, so we’ll see if it gets a Season 2.

    I’ll be finished up JoJo Part 4 soon, but it was 10/10 and great.

    And screw you T, Love Live! was legit amazing.
    Sunshine on the other hand…well we’ll see how Season 2 fixes the issues Season 1 had.
    …assuming we get a Season 2.

    • >assuming we get a Season 2
      I have no clue how we wouldn’t

      • Shadaroo

        Idk, did the show even do well in Japan? I’d imagine it did just fine, if not good, but I honestly don’t really know.

        • It’s Love motherfucking Live!
          Of course it did.

          Also Sunshine was great, fyi.

          • Shadaroo

            *Sunshine was good

            Really tho, it had super good moments, I just wish it focused on it’s strengths more.
            But, admittedly, Season 1 of Love Live! wasn’t perfect by any means so idk

          • Sunshine’s failure was in the fact it took so long to get everything set up and differentiated from the OG.
            Other than that, it wasn’t bad. And, in hindsight, which is the best way to judge anime IMO, I liked the show.
            My only problem is I still can’t tell the VAs apart during the songs.

            That said, some of the first Muse songs were the same way.

          • Shadaroo

            That’s a problem, but I still think the similarities to the OG (while intentional) were a bit too much. Mainly Saint Snow, but I digress.

            I actually can tell the VAs apart. Only ones I have issue with is Dia, Riko and Kanan, since they don’t have a unique feel to them.

          • They all have really unique speaking voices, but I struggle with all of them tbh, except Ruby, You, and Chika on the grounds of singing.

            Also Daydream Warrior is amazing.

          • Shadaroo

            I’ve never heard that one I don’t think


          • It was one of the Blu-Ray songs.
            Really good.

            In fact, most the Aqours songs are really good.

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Shadaroo

    Can we all agree Nad is garbage tier human tho?

  • Snugglesgodofdeath

    Dang. I’m late to epic ND. Sad panda.

    At least the Maki header is super cute. May she believe in Santa for the rest of her life!

  • Twylite-Sparkle

    Um…Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone! (…one….one….)
    (sure is echoy in here…)