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  • Snugglesgodofdeath

    RWBY is Ani May’s cousin. 😉 The series does take many stylistic elements from anime and combines them with a more Western style. The fusion is very different from Avatar but equally satisfying, I think.

  • AlienWarhead

    RWBY is close enough

  • Snugglesgodofdeath

    So I’ve got writer’s block right now regarding my fanfic. Taking a break from my main story to work on adapting Highly Responsive to Prayers, Touhou’s first game, into a fic. Any lurkers want to comment on my fanfic writing, make suggestions, or marvel at my Touhou obsession?

    • Shrow

      I do have a few questions regarding the fanfic but it’s really late so i’l talk to you about it tommorow.

  • Canyon Light

    Did some header mention RWBY? I like that web series, and it even has a Japanese version and manga now, wow. I have yet to watch RWBY V4 after the first few episodes of the volume, but only because I want to watch it in one sitting, might as well with being busy.