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  • Shadaroo


  • Shadaroo

    So tonight on Shad Daily, we discuss the ever present topic in our society: Will Persona 5 ever come out?

    While many theorists say no, I differ in this regard. I think, yes it will. The true question isn’t will it ever come out, it’s simply will we live to see it? Like world peace, or the destruction of the earth, it is inevitable. We just must wonder WHEN it will happen.

    This has been Shad Daily, seeya tomorrow!

    • Just learn Japanese, you’ll probably be fluent in Japanese once it comes out here

    • Shrow

      Is there any reason for all the delays?

      • All they really said is localization stuff like adding Dual Audio, as far as I know

        • Shadaroo

          For the record dual audio wasn’t the reason for any delays, they just needed more time to polish it up and record more voice lines.


  • I finished Persona 4 Golden, I started New Game Plus, so there’s that. I am very empty

    • Shadaroo

      Am sorry to hear dat

      You get the true ending tho?

      • I think you gotta new game plus it. If not, then no I didn’t

  • Shrow

    Hey guys, nothing really notable happened today. Tomorrow there’s a smash friendlies and I haven’t played smash since the last tourney. But that’s okay since it’s a smash “friendlies” meaning there’s no competition or money involved.
    Hopefully it stops snowing.