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  • Heyo!

    • Shadaroo

      EY BB!

      • Ohey bby~

        How are you?

        • Shadaroo

          I’m good! Trying to think of what I want for Christmas, and I dunno. RIP

          How you tho?

          • I’m good. Played around with a few Skyrim mods. Convenient horses is both fun and helpful.

          • Shadaroo

            “Convenient horses”
            pls explain

          • It modifies the horses’ AI so that it doesn’t attack enemies on sight, or does just that. I can also control my horse’s HP, make it invulnerable, pick cool armor and it also has an option to give my followers a horse of their own so that they don’t have to walk while I ride. Combined with Convenient Horse Herding, I can give my horses a name!

          • Shadaroo


            2bad im a console peasant </4

          • Aww. You’ll never know the joys of Frostfall and it’s hot/cold system. Also, VISIBLE BREATH! THE IMMERSION IS REAL!

          • Shadaroo

            SHADOO DUN MOCK ME 🙁

            Really tho damn I wish I had a half decent PC. The world of mods is amazing.

          • I’m kinda mocking Bethesda for not implementing simple things like that for better immersion. I mean, a hot/cold system and realistic needs might be too much for the average gamer, but how hard could it be to add visible breath or dripping effects for when your character gets wet?

          • Shadaroo

            Well I mean, to be fair, the game was sorta 500 years ago. Plus I guess Bethesda have never been known for their visuals really.

          • Prolly, but it’s simple things that make a difference. Hell, even changing the game’s font has changed my immersion. Oh, also, console gamers can totally use mods. Not all of them, but it’s possible now.

          • Shadaroo

            Well ye, I’ve used ’em. They’re pretty limited tho. And makes the game crash a lot.


          • Huh, never thought of that. Too bad you guys can’t use mod managers.

          • Shadaroo

            i kno :((((((((((((

            At least we have unrelenting force mod. The only mod I need.

          • Ya mean fart shouts? :v

          • Shadaroo

            N O

          • Well, at least you don’t have ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Lab to bloat up your game.

  • Reisen_Udonge

    So I’m playing Diplomacy as Russia.
    Spring 01
    I think I have an alliance with Turkey
    Turkey fucks me over

    I think I have an alliance with Austria Hungary
    AH fucks me over

    The Russian life is a hard one

    • Send the bears. That should do the trick.

      • Reisen_Udonge

        Ah yes, the secret shock troopers of Russia.
        Special forces squatting shirtless on bears while drunk on vodka
        Why didn’t I think of that

        • Don’t forget using russian winter in your favor.

          • Reisen_Udonge

            General Winter OP, pls nerf

  • I’m doing nothing. I’ve been doing nothing. Overwatch’s Holliday event happened but it doesn’t matter because I won’t get the Pachireindeer player icon. woe is me

  • Shadaroo

    Cowboy Bebop has good op
    i like

  • Shrow

    Welp i’m late.
    I did some Christmas shopping for my dear mother and my brother taught me how to properly use the snowblower. Tomorrow my brothers leaving for a week again and there’s going to be a storm so hopefully he will arrive safely.