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Movie Night #6 Voting

Image result for kiki's delivery service

After a brief hiatus for the holiday, Movie Night is back. As always, the movie with the most votes is selected for the next movie night, which, as always, is Saturday at 8 PM Eastern.

Here’s what we’ve watched so far:
My Neighbor Totoro
Tokyo Godfathers
Princess Mononoke
Kiki’s Delivery Service

Be sure to give anything you nominate an upvote, as I only count upvotes. Now go down below and select the next movie!

  • Noah James
  • SwordfishBooks

    Castle in the Sky

  • SwordfishBooks

    Literature Girl

  • Tsunderstorm


  • Tsunderstorm

    Little Witch Academia?

  • I’d say the first JJBA film but it’s a bag of dicks, so just go watch the anime.