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Movie Night #5 Voting

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So… I guess we’ll continue with this? Anyway, the rules are the same as always. One movie per comment, number of upvotes is what is counted, so upvote your own comment. Don’t pick anything on the list. Try not to pick something that requires one to have previously watched a show.

What we’ve watched:

My Neighbor Totoro
Tokyo Godfathers
Princess Mononoke

Vote below!

  • Olipie

    Wow these things are dead Tetris, good on you for keeping em up though! My entry is Kiki’s Delivery Service, my favourite ghibli film to watch around Christmas!

  • >tfw I ask if people wanna do this
    >at least two people say yes
    >the only person that shows up is that ex-blogger


    • Olipie

      I have a name you know?

      • I know you do Ollie.

        • Olipie

          Daw xD

  • SwordfishBooks

    Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro

  • SwordfishBooks

    Santa Company

  • Sebastián García

    When Marnie Was There

  • Jonny

    For my vote.