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Movie Night #5: Kiki’s Delivery Service

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Wow. Eight votes. Where’d that come from? I don’t know, but we’re gonna do another Movie Night. And for that, we’re gonna be watching Kiki’s Delivery Service. I’d say I’m surprised that it’s another Ghibli movie that we’re watching, but that would be a lie.

Watch it wherever you do, then come back and discuss it!

  • Love this movie so much, I don’t know why because I have almost nothing in common with Kiki but I just connected to the character so much. I guess it has to do with feeling out of place and weird as you try to find your place in the world.

  • Am I really the only person to actually do movie night? There were a ton of peeps voting, just because your movie isn’t picked don’t get salty and just not do it…

  • Brian Punch

    Beautiful Movie